The New Leather Edit

The New Leather Edit
If your an avid reader of my blog, you probably know that I have a small obsession with anything leather. I managed to purchase a lovely leather dress over New Year and now I’m I want more!
I’m lusting over a new leather clutch, jacket and trousers; these beauties above are some of my recent faves. Best get saving my pennies!
Is it payday yet?
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Made in Chelsea Style!

I love Made in Chelsea and  it will be back on our screens before we know it! YEY!

I especially love Rosie Fortescue and Millie Mackintosh and a little riffle through their wardrobes would be treat! Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen 😦 dooouche! So instead, I thought I’d pull a few ideas together to help achieve that MIC look for the everyday lovely lady.

Untitled #16

Rosie Fortescue by lady4nnie featuring a white crop shirt
Rosie (Sourced
Rosie (Sourced

Millie Makintosh Style

You never see them without polished  locks, usually, that just stepped out of the salon blow dry. Now if its a special occasion you may want to check out Hershesons Blow Dry Bar, it’s AMAZE! I visited for my bday, check out my blog post BLOW! Or you could try yourself by checking out my recent blow dry post here.  

To finish off that Chelsea look, check out these makeup tutorials by my fave YouTube blogger Tanya Burr. Step by step she talks you through how to create Millie’s makeup;  modeled by Millie Mackintosh herself!

Both Rose and Millie are bloggers too, its mainly fashion and style related but sometimes they post diet and fitness too. Give them a whirl, see what you think…



Tally hooo!

The Start of Something New

20130905-011757 PM.jpg

So it’s that time of year again. People may dread the academic year starting but for some, it maybe the start of all things brand new. Whether it be starting school, university or a new job, this time of year makes for new beginnings for lots of people out there.

I’m a firm believer in hard work and grabbing new opportunities by the horns. You don’t know what doors it may open. Speaking from experience, I have started something scarily new at least once a year since I left university at 18 and now I’m 24….Whether it was moving homes, living with stranger (some very weird), moving cities, starting a career, moving jobs, starting a blog, travelling…all at times very stressful newbies…

But hey! Worry not…

If your about to start something new, even if its small, yes, it maybe nerve wracking and you may feel a little lonesome, but tell yourself, your experiencing something brand new; meeting people and doing something that’s going, I promise, to be worth it.

Yep, it might be super ARGHH! Or not work out in the end, but at least you’ve tried and as cliche as it sounds its an experience.

So lovelies if your starting uni and moving away from home, or your about to start a new job or an epic year out… Don’t be second guessing yourself….

In the words of High School Musical, cringe, ‘Its that start of something new…’

And I’d probably like to put some inspirational quote in here…the best I can come up with is…

YEY and Good Luck x x x 😉

European Tripster



So me and my boyfriend are off on an exciting trip around Europe! It all seems to have come around pretty fast and we’re still not finished booking everything.

EEeeekk! This is what happens when you work full time, weeks come around sooo fast.

The plan is to fly to Croatia initially, then we are taking a ferry to Italy, catching the train and stopping off for a few days in Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Then its from Milan to Nice, where we’ll stop off in a few places, Cannes, Monte Carlo, St Tropez… then, hopefully full of energy still, we’re flying to Barcelonooonaas to finish our travels.

So at the minute I’m dithering about, what to take, what to wear, how to pack it!! arrgh! Yet, really excited.

Hey there haul!

Primark: £12.00
Primark: £12.00
Primark: SALE £3.00!
Primark: SALE £3.00!
Boots: Buy one get one half price, Batiste and Tresemme, and Maxfactors Miracle Touch cream blush and Maybellines The Falsies.
Boots: Buy one get one half price, Batiste and Tresemme, and Maxfactors Miracle Touch cream blush and Maybellines The Falsies.
Michael Todd: Charcoal Detoxifying Mask: £23.00 ish
Michael Todd: Charcoal Detoxifying Mask: £23.00 ish
Origins Clean Energy: £14.00 Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge: £12.00
Origins Clean Energy: £14.00
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge: £12.00

Hey there!

For some stupid reason my blog post decided to delete itself!! bluuergh, so now I’m here typing away again…

Sooo I pulled myself together to show you some of the new things I’ve been using/ buying this month!

The first piccie are some sandal from Primark that I picked up… I saw these on a haul video on YouTube by ThePersianBabe. She’s one I love to watch and she talks about things without being pretentious, or plugging products that you can’t afford. They’re really comfy and I’m planning in wearing to add a little bit of edge to summery outfits. They look good quality and more Topshop the Primark, so I’m really impressed! And then I got some 3 quid beauties! There jellie sandal and I’ve had a pair before and after about 5 years they snapped… SOB! So theses are taking there place YEY!

Then I headed over to Boots and bought a few essential top ups like Tresemme Freeze hold and Batiste dry shampoo. Both of these products I keep stocked up on and I haven’t found any better replacements so thank you Tresemme adn Batiste. Pluuuus, they were on offer; buy one, get on half price… I also took advantage of this by buying the much raved about MaxFactor Miracle touch cream blush and Maybelline The Falsies. I’ve tried the blusher and jeeebers… its amaze! You look fresh and it give you that healthy glow. I bought it in soft pink. Also, in this pic is a room fragrance diffuser, I picked this up in Primark for £3.00 and I love it! I bought the coconut milk and mango, ohhhh my living room smells like holidays and its not too strong or faint, so for 3 quid I’m very impressed and will be purchasing more, yes sir!

Then I decided to try the Michael Todds Detoxifying Charcoal facial mask. I bought this after my favorite vlogger, Tanya Burr kept raving about it. I was skeptical at first, as you can’t buy it in the UK and therefore I had to buy it online from the US. Buuuut, they were super speedy with delivery and it came to around £23 ish all together. I do think its fab! I don’t know whether it rivals the REN radiance renewal mask however. But, it does make your skin appear clearer and more luminous. I use it around 2-3 times per week, depending on how my skins looking…

Then lastly I took a little trip to York designer outlet… There is a fab shop there called The Cosmetics Company, I also know there is one at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. Any whooo, I picked up these two products, the first being a cleansing oil, by Origins. Now, I’ve been trying out a number of facial oils from Shu Uemera, DHC and Clarins Pure Melt and wasn’t quiet ready to hand over the spondoolies, as there pretty $$$$£££. So I settled for this gem, I think I paid £14 and I think it’s usually around £20 and it works a treat. It does a really good job at taking all your makeup without feeling like your being harsh on your skin. It smells very aromatherapy-ee and feels lovely to use.

Next, I picked up Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink. This is the old packaging, I think, hence it being in the outlet, but it looks like you get more then the pot rouges in the new style, not too sure on this, but I have the pot rouge melon and it seems just a taaad bit smaller… hmmm. I do love cream blushers so now have both the miracle touch and this to play with whoohoo! I haven’t used it properly yet but I’m sure it’ll get its wear! Yep, yep!

Much love!

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Hey it’s me Annie!

Hey it’s me Annie!.

Just a little bit about my so called  self…Be sure to like my posts and sign up via email!

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Twenty Something Snippet: Mini Meltdowns!

So being twenty something your young free and fabulous, no responsibilities, the worlds your oyster, blah blah blarggh!

And whoaaah there you are mini meltdown central…What’s going on?

Your suppose to be twenty something living life, partaaaying, but your an inconsolable emotional ticking time bomb feeling all sorry for yourself!

But…Hey it’s okay…

What I’m trying to say is that those inconvenient little meltdown you may experience or shall we call it ‘quarter life crisis’ is NORMAL. Very normal, especially nowadays…

I speak from experience ladies and gossip regularly with friends about it.

We all have something in common and ask the catalyst question…Is this it then? Life? Now? Me here doing what I’m doing… Is the grass greener? Nobody hands you a text book that tells you this is how you need to be or this is where you need to be going.

The most important thing to remember is to surround yourself with lovely people that support you.

You are doing okay, if anything fabulous! Those mini hiccups make you who you are. They help you get through you your twenties and beyond.

Much love and twenty-somethingness.

Annie x