Made in Chelsea Style!

I love Made in Chelsea and  it will be back on our screens before we know it! YEY!

I especially love Rosie Fortescue and Millie Mackintosh and a little riffle through their wardrobes would be treat! Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen 😦 dooouche! So instead, I thought I’d pull a few ideas together to help achieve that MIC look for the everyday lovely lady.

Untitled #16

Rosie Fortescue by lady4nnie featuring a white crop shirt
Rosie (Sourced
Rosie (Sourced

Millie Makintosh Style

You never see them without polished  locks, usually, that just stepped out of the salon blow dry. Now if its a special occasion you may want to check out Hershesons Blow Dry Bar, it’s AMAZE! I visited for my bday, check out my blog post BLOW! Or you could try yourself by checking out my recent blow dry post here.  

To finish off that Chelsea look, check out these makeup tutorials by my fave YouTube blogger Tanya Burr. Step by step she talks you through how to create Millie’s makeup;  modeled by Millie Mackintosh herself!

Both Rose and Millie are bloggers too, its mainly fashion and style related but sometimes they post diet and fitness too. Give them a whirl, see what you think…



Tally hooo!


Ladies leave me a comment!

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