My Go-to Make-up Essentials


Over the past year the majority of these products/tools get used and abused on a daily basis.

You know why that is? Because each and everyone is awesome.

I am a huge neutrals girl and like my makeup to look like natural, the base therefore is either my DrJarts+ BB or Armani Luminous Silk. I tend to wear my BB for work with a little concealer, which is either the famous Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection or Bobbi Brown’s Creamy concealer. Both do a stellar job in hiding all those unwanted dark circles or blemishes.

Then for blush I grab Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge, I’ve mentioned this product before, I wear Powder Pink but Melon is a beautiful alternative too. It is cream blush, I know it’s not for everyone but I like that dewy look and this has the dew-factor! Next, my go-to post would be lost without Hug Me by Mac. Thee perfect neutral lipstick, ’nuff said. For eyes, if I’m feeling particularly energetic/ have enough time I reach for my Bobbi Brown eye palette. I absolutely love this set, all wearable and very versatile. I tend to do a quick swoop over my lids but these colours are very buildable and you can achieve a decent smokey kardashian eye too.

My mascara loyalty lay with Maybellines The Falsies, I did a review recelntly-check this post out here. For the brows, it can only be HD Brow products, I have done a post, if your interested in having your eyebrows HD’ed here but if your not then you still have to try their brow line, they get a huge thumbs up for me, especially the palettes and pencils.

To chisel those cheek bones and add a bit of life to my very pale ski, my go-to bronzer has to be Nars Laguna, I know very cliche but nothing yet come up to scratch! Then FINALLY, again, if you haven’t already, go and get one of these stippling brushes by Real Techniques. Using circular motions I use this to buff in my base; you can really get right into the nooks and crannies. I also use this to pop my cream blusher on, works a treat! Totally versatile = happy Annie!



Shop this look:


Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Mac Lipstick

Dr Jarts BB Cream

Nars Laguna

Armani Luminous Silk

HD Brows


Overused Awards!

20130904-072523 PM.jpg

These are my favourite products that I seriously overuse, because well, I just love um!

Tom Ford Black Orchid; is pretty heavy duty and deffo an evening-y fragrance. With one squirt it has some serious lasting power. If I don’t want heavy, I reach for Jo Malone English Pear and Fresia, this is another over user, it’s light, fresh and people always compliment me when I’m wearing, however, it doesn’t have the lasting factor.

Benefit, they’re real in black; is my favourite mascara and actually, I need to repurchase it. It gives serious volume and length which I haven’t found in any other mascara. However, I will warn you, it’s a bugger to get off, even when you think you’ve got it all, think again! Panda eye central… But I’m okay with that if it makes my eyelashes look preeedddeee!

Shu Uemura Eyelash curlers; I use these everyday, that’s right every, single, day. They’re a much raved about tool and I can totally understand why. If your thinking, they’re just curlers, what’s the difference? They open your eyes up and make your lashes look super long. I don’t think there’s many of my friends without a pair…so trust me, get a pair.

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 4.5; Yes, I know, you know, I love it. Definitely an overused product of mine. My ultimate go to foundation, but if you don’t fancy the splurge, go for Rimmel Wake me up.

Neals Yard Daily Moisturiser; I have the daily brightening and the nourishing orange flower, both equally good staple daily moisturisers. I really enjoy using Neals Yard face product, there not full of nasties and pretend chemicals that make you think you have nice skin. I’ve also used the super berry moisturiser too which is fab!

Nars Bronzer in Laguna; initially sceptical, but again this hyped up product is well with the investment. I find that bronzers tend to make my face look filthy, cough, benefit, cough, hula, so I was on the hunt for a good bronzer. Laguna is very finely milled therefore build-able, it leaves a natural sun-kissed glow without being too shimmery or heavy. Superb product. Thank you Nars.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Melon and Powder Pink; I adore cream blushes and these two are my favourites. Pot Rouges have a fab texture that looks dewy and lasts. I apply them on the apples of my cheeks with my stippling brush. I tend to wear mascara alone for work so I don’t use them every single day, but if I need a pick me, I pop one of these on.

Kiko Makeup Haul

20130904-050229 PM.jpg

Hey Ladies,

Like you all know I’ve been around Europe this summer and when I was in Italy I stumbled across this little treasure Kiko Makeup Milano. My purse strings were pretty tied all holiday, so I really didn’t want to tempt myself but any who, we ended up queuing in Milan trains station one thing lead to another and there I was at Kiko tills…eeeek!

Full of excitement and the fact I’d spend €15, which is about £13, on a bag full of delights, I was made up! I’ve never heard of Kiko before, so I did a bit of research when I got back and found that you can buy online in the UK and there is a Kiko store in London, YEY!

Want to see what I discovered…?

20130904-041302 PM.jpg

These nail lacquers set me back around €1.50! And they stay on a dream, I put three coats on and it lasted four days without chipping! The colours are Orange- 368, Brown- 370, Turquoise- 389. They have hundreds to choose from too, plus they have this tape where you can test them all on.

20130904-041825 PM.jpg

20130904-041852 PM.jpg

20130904-041914 PM.jpg

20130904-042210 PM.jpg

20130904-042219 PM.jpg

20130904-042226 PM.jpg

Not only is there an abundance of nail polishes they also do every shade of lipstick, again I went to the offers area and picked these two up for around €2.50 each, if that! They are quite sheer and remind me of the Mac Cremesheen range in consistency. I can bet you there are some serious mac dupes in Kiko…The coral one is my favourite and I wore it lots on holiday. Again they are numbered so the pink is 902 and the coral in 907.

20130904-042852 PM.jpg

20130904-043021 PM.jpg

20130904-043037 PM.jpg

20130904-043051 PM.jpg

20130904-043124 PM.jpg

The first is a sparkly pink in 140, its very natural and the pink is matte and the sparkle is subtle. I think this is a dupe contender for the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow Ballet Pink The second one I picked up is this beautiful highly pigmented shimmery cranberry in 136 and again, a serious dupe of macs cranberry.

I think if I’d have had more time, I would have cleared the shop out… one for it being very purse friendly and two, the quality of the products rivals higher end makeup brands.

Very happy lady!

Annie xx

The Search for the Great Sparkle Eye Shadow

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow Taupe


Mac Pressed Pigment Day Gleam



Mac Glitter Reflects Antique Gold
Illamaqua Pure Pigmant Furore

I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to eye shadow, so colour and sparkle tends to be on the down low. I’d seen a subtle glitter on a Bobbi Brown artist, it was like a discrete disco ball. Unfortunately, at the time the sparking was limited edition, since, I’ve searched and swatched high and low until my hand looked like Micheal Jacksons glove! Too sparkly, too shimmer, too pigmented…

My friend offered her Mac Glitter pot in Antique Gold and Illamasqua Furore to test, both beautiful products, but not exactly what I wanted. Antique gold was far too glittery, I felt like I was back at school testing the ol’ glitter gels, eeek!  Furore, again, beautiful and can be used wet or dry, but I found this was more of a shimmery shadow than the subtle, disco sparkle I craved.

Sooo I ended up at the Mac counter and impulse purchased Pressed Pigment in Day Gleam. It’s described as a creamy highlighter and can be used wet or dry. I haven’t used it properly yet but I love the colour and its sparkle. It’s not very pigmented, yet not too GLITTER central.  I’m hopeful that it doesn’t end up all down my face as t feels slightly gritty, but I’m looking forward to experimenting, yet, I wasn’t completely satisfied, until…

The limited edition came into my grasp!!  Bobbi Brown- Sparkle Eye Shadow- Taupe– YEY!!

Finally, after testing what seemed to be a million friggin’ formulas I found the exact sparkle.i just needed patience! It’s described as..

‘Bobbi’s fresh take on glitter lights up eyes with a combination of shimmering pearls and fine glitter. Now in four limited edition shades that are perfect for both day and night.’


It’s soooo lovely and I can’t waaait to wear it. Mission.Complete. Minus lots of pennies.





Hey there haul!

Primark: £12.00
Primark: £12.00
Primark: SALE £3.00!
Primark: SALE £3.00!
Boots: Buy one get one half price, Batiste and Tresemme, and Maxfactors Miracle Touch cream blush and Maybellines The Falsies.
Boots: Buy one get one half price, Batiste and Tresemme, and Maxfactors Miracle Touch cream blush and Maybellines The Falsies.
Michael Todd: Charcoal Detoxifying Mask: £23.00 ish
Michael Todd: Charcoal Detoxifying Mask: £23.00 ish
Origins Clean Energy: £14.00 Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge: £12.00
Origins Clean Energy: £14.00
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge: £12.00

Hey there!

For some stupid reason my blog post decided to delete itself!! bluuergh, so now I’m here typing away again…

Sooo I pulled myself together to show you some of the new things I’ve been using/ buying this month!

The first piccie are some sandal from Primark that I picked up… I saw these on a haul video on YouTube by ThePersianBabe. She’s one I love to watch and she talks about things without being pretentious, or plugging products that you can’t afford. They’re really comfy and I’m planning in wearing to add a little bit of edge to summery outfits. They look good quality and more Topshop the Primark, so I’m really impressed! And then I got some 3 quid beauties! There jellie sandal and I’ve had a pair before and after about 5 years they snapped… SOB! So theses are taking there place YEY!

Then I headed over to Boots and bought a few essential top ups like Tresemme Freeze hold and Batiste dry shampoo. Both of these products I keep stocked up on and I haven’t found any better replacements so thank you Tresemme adn Batiste. Pluuuus, they were on offer; buy one, get on half price… I also took advantage of this by buying the much raved about MaxFactor Miracle touch cream blush and Maybelline The Falsies. I’ve tried the blusher and jeeebers… its amaze! You look fresh and it give you that healthy glow. I bought it in soft pink. Also, in this pic is a room fragrance diffuser, I picked this up in Primark for £3.00 and I love it! I bought the coconut milk and mango, ohhhh my living room smells like holidays and its not too strong or faint, so for 3 quid I’m very impressed and will be purchasing more, yes sir!

Then I decided to try the Michael Todds Detoxifying Charcoal facial mask. I bought this after my favorite vlogger, Tanya Burr kept raving about it. I was skeptical at first, as you can’t buy it in the UK and therefore I had to buy it online from the US. Buuuut, they were super speedy with delivery and it came to around £23 ish all together. I do think its fab! I don’t know whether it rivals the REN radiance renewal mask however. But, it does make your skin appear clearer and more luminous. I use it around 2-3 times per week, depending on how my skins looking…

Then lastly I took a little trip to York designer outlet… There is a fab shop there called The Cosmetics Company, I also know there is one at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. Any whooo, I picked up these two products, the first being a cleansing oil, by Origins. Now, I’ve been trying out a number of facial oils from Shu Uemera, DHC and Clarins Pure Melt and wasn’t quiet ready to hand over the spondoolies, as there pretty $$$$£££. So I settled for this gem, I think I paid £14 and I think it’s usually around £20 and it works a treat. It does a really good job at taking all your makeup without feeling like your being harsh on your skin. It smells very aromatherapy-ee and feels lovely to use.

Next, I picked up Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink. This is the old packaging, I think, hence it being in the outlet, but it looks like you get more then the pot rouges in the new style, not too sure on this, but I have the pot rouge melon and it seems just a taaad bit smaller… hmmm. I do love cream blushers so now have both the miracle touch and this to play with whoohoo! I haven’t used it properly yet but I’m sure it’ll get its wear! Yep, yep!

Much love!

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Hey it’s me Annie!

Hey it’s me Annie!.

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Lana Del Ray Inspired Makeup



Hey ladies!

I was at my lovely friend Sonya’s at the weekend. She is a complete beauty junkie, which meant I could have a rummage through a her gorgeous make up!! We decided to connect the iPad to her new TV and watch some makeup tutorials on YouTube. I went for the Lana Del Ray inspired look. I used a mixture of Tanya Burr and Pixiwoo advice and loved the results! I also added a red lip too!

Below I’ve put all the products I’ve used to create the look. The famous Naked 2 palette is super amazing for helping to create this look.

Lana Del Ray Inspired Makeup
Giorgio Armani foundation / Urban Decay eyeshadow / MAC Cosmetics powder blush / Eyebrow makeup, / MAC Cosmetics lip makeup / NYX eyeliner / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics evening makeup


Tanya Burr


Hope you like ladies xxx