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Festive Time in Pictures









20140105-170015.jpgHope everyone had a fab Xmas and New Year!

These are my fave piccies from over festive season; generally involving nights out n’ about and lots of lovely people!

YEY to 2014, I’m excited, are you?


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What to buy the Alpha Male this Xmas?!

Alpha Male Xmas Prezzies
I much prefer buying for girls then guys but I have a boyfriend, a brother, a dad, mum’s boyfriend and 2 nephews!!! Therefore I have LOTS of experience on buying for guys. To help you out, I’ve put a few bits together so your male counter-part are fulfilled this Christmas πŸ˜‰
My boyfriend LOVES Clinique skin supplies for man. He’s tried lots of different products but this is his favorite. The scrub is super grainy and I like how the packaging looks too. You can get these in Boots here
A decent watch doesn’t go down a miss; I think Casio and Timex do some cool ones.
My boyfriend is always borrowing and trailing my ever so expensive products that he wont just buy himself, well, because is not really manly enough and he can just waste mine instead!! So I fished these little beauties out… Manly lip balm and hand cream. Check out Jack Blacks Intense Lip Therepy Lip Balm and Body Shops Hemp Hand Protector.
Hair wise, American Crew is a fail safe. The shampoo and conditioner is very good and the pot fibers I’ve bought and replaced year after year. They smell really nice and go down a treat at Xmas. Buy it here.
I love male aftershave and usually have a different favorite each year; this year I’m loving Chanel Bleu. It’s manly, its not too heavy or offensive, I think any chappy old or young could pull it off. FIT! Get it here.
Clothes are always tricky unless your buying the the same items year in, year out. What I can tell you is that if your looking for a decent pair of jeans, look no further than Edwin. You prob won’t be able to surprise someone with these, they’d need to try them on. SO, put your Levi’s and Diesels aside, these are your new jeans. GO GET THEM NOW! here. Whilst your stopping off at ASOS, there wash bags are a beaut, I loooove this surf style and it’s a steal at Β£14.00.
Trainers!! I’m really loving New Balance trainers, yes I know they’ve been around a bit now but I think they still look really nice. The colours go with loads too, my fave are these grey ones, but I also like the burgundy ones too. Check them out here
Merry Male Christmas shopping. Just remember to bob a new lippy in for good measure, makes you feel better!

The Start of Something New

20130905-011757 PM.jpg

So it’s that time of year again. People may dread the academic year starting but for some, it maybe the start of all things brand new. Whether it be starting school, university or a new job, this time of year makes for new beginnings for lots of people out there.

I’m a firm believer in hard work and grabbing new opportunities by the horns. You don’t know what doors it may open. Speaking from experience, I have started something scarily new at least once a year since I left university at 18 and now I’m 24….Whether it was moving homes, living with stranger (some very weird), moving cities, starting a career, moving jobs, starting a blog, travelling…all at times very stressful newbies…

But hey! Worry not…

If your about to start something new, even if its small, yes, it maybe nerve wracking and you may feel a little lonesome, but tell yourself, your experiencing something brand new; meeting people and doing something that’s going, I promise, to be worth it.

Yep, it might be super ARGHH! Or not work out in the end, but at least you’ve tried and as cliche as it sounds its an experience.

So lovelies if your starting uni and moving away from home, or your about to start a new job or an epic year out… Don’t be second guessing yourself….

In the words of High School Musical, cringe, ‘Its that start of something new…’

And I’d probably like to put some inspirational quote in here…the best I can come up with is…

YEY and Good Luck x x x πŸ˜‰

Quick Trip Update

Hey there lovely ladies!

Just a quick post whilst I have wifi…

I’m currently at the third stop in my travels… Florence! I’ve said goodbye to beautiful Croatia and stunning Rome.

It’s been an amazing trip so far. I even managed to sneak a peak in Sephora in Rome!

Any how I intend to fill you in fully when I’m back home.


Summer, Summer, Summer Tiiiime…


Hey Lovely Ladies!

I’m back from my holidaaaay! Β Occupying myself with a variety of activties… sunbathing my terribly pale english skin, sipping sangria, munching nutella crepes mmmm and RELAXING! And maybe getting slightly obsessed with Mariah C’s #beautiful tuuune, much to the annoyance of my mates!! Any whoo, these are a few snaps I managed to squeeze in…


Trying to sort the baggage allowances hmmmmmm!!! πŸ˜‰



Lovely cocktails from are most visited restaurant, CafeNero! A little gem…



Bag: Zara, Dress: H&M, Ring: Monki
Yellow Dress: ASOS, Bag: Topshop, White Dress: American Apparel, Bag: Topshop







Gotta love a holiday toe ring!


Hopefully I can ‘try’ and top up my tan with all this lovely weather…

I’ve missed blogging so much…prior to my mini vaykaaaay I was finishing off my Masters module, so I’d been sat typing endlessly…

But I’ve got lots to keep busy with/share.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine where ever you are…

Much love,

Annie x

Now for a bit o’ M.C…

Vaaay Kay Time!


Hey Ladies!!

Off on a sneaky vay kaaay! My lovely friends parents have a beautiful Villa in Fuertoventura! So we’re off for a week in the sun!

I’ve updated my kindle and even took my gym gear!! Oppft!

YEY to the sun, now pass me the sangria….