Diptyque it Low with Tam Dao!

20140211-114206.jpgBeing a total Diptyque virgin, I finally sucked it up and purchased my first fragrance, Tam Dao! As I’ve grown up, my sickly Paris Hilton meets Britney Spears sweet has been replaced with more grown up scents. I like my scents to be just on the brink of aftershave smelling. Their is a fine line you know and near that line, is where Tam Dao lies. It has marvelous balance of freshness with a woody undertone which makes it very wearable. I had a peak on the Diptyque website and they describe Tam Dao as…

‘The mountains of Tonkin tremble under the weighty steps of elephants carrying uprooted trees of precious wood through the vines. Majestic sandalwood breathes out its redolence in the sweltering heat of the jungle…Tam Dao pays tribute to the most sought-after of the sacred woods: the sandalwood of Goa.’

Who doesn’t want to smell like a sacred wood in Goa?!

I bought the 50ml because I  get very bored and flit around perfume like a women gone mad! I also hear that the ol’ Michael Buble wears a bit of Tam Dao!

I’m sure this wont be the last of my Diptyque purchases, no sir-eee!


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Diptyque Tam Dao EDT


Totally Twee Toners


Sometimes, yep, it is an effort to grab your toner; that step two in your ‘cleansing’ routine that you may, or may not do; I say do, do, do!

Try and change your perception from the ol’ drying, stingy-potions that give you a horrible burning sensation. The traditional toners have now moved on; as Caroline Hirons notes…

‘Think of them as the first step in the moisturising process, not the final step if the cleansing process’.

Since reading this revelation and seeing the change in my skin, I have fallen in love and long forgotten my skin stripping, teenage years tonics.

I cleanse first, then follow with an exfoliating toner; I’m currently using Pixi’s Glow Tonic, but I here Clarins do an equally awesome one too. Then I use my favorite; Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner. This, you spray all over your face, super quick and easy! This is my hydrating toner ‘step’ or I use L’Occitane Angelica Facial Toner, second choice to Dermalogica I’m afraid!

For more great skincare tips check out Caroline Hirons blog here and check out my fave bloggers whilst your at it! The rest of my skincare routine can be found here.


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Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner

Pixi Glow Tonic

Angelica Face Toner

Clarins Toner

My Go-to Make-up Essentials


Over the past year the majority of these products/tools get used and abused on a daily basis.

You know why that is? Because each and everyone is awesome.

I am a huge neutrals girl and like my makeup to look like natural, the base therefore is either my DrJarts+ BB or Armani Luminous Silk. I tend to wear my BB for work with a little concealer, which is either the famous Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection or Bobbi Brown’s Creamy concealer. Both do a stellar job in hiding all those unwanted dark circles or blemishes.

Then for blush I grab Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge, I’ve mentioned this product before, I wear Powder Pink but Melon is a beautiful alternative too. It is cream blush, I know it’s not for everyone but I like that dewy look and this has the dew-factor! Next, my go-to post would be lost without Hug Me by Mac. Thee perfect neutral lipstick, ’nuff said. For eyes, if I’m feeling particularly energetic/ have enough time I reach for my Bobbi Brown eye palette. I absolutely love this set, all wearable and very versatile. I tend to do a quick swoop over my lids but these colours are very buildable and you can achieve a decent smokey kardashian eye too.

My mascara loyalty lay with Maybellines The Falsies, I did a review recelntly-check this post out here. For the brows, it can only be HD Brow products, I have done a post, if your interested in having your eyebrows HD’ed here but if your not then you still have to try their brow line, they get a huge thumbs up for me, especially the palettes and pencils.

To chisel those cheek bones and add a bit of life to my very pale ski, my go-to bronzer has to be Nars Laguna, I know very cliche but nothing yet come up to scratch! Then FINALLY, again, if you haven’t already, go and get one of these stippling brushes by Real Techniques. Using circular motions I use this to buff in my base; you can really get right into the nooks and crannies. I also use this to pop my cream blusher on, works a treat! Totally versatile = happy Annie!



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Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Mac Lipstick

Dr Jarts BB Cream

Nars Laguna

Armani Luminous Silk

HD Brows

Why I Love Soap and Glory


Partial to the odd luxury product-yes, but for ol’ day to day usage, Soap and Glory take righteous place. In a heavily dominated ‘big brand’ market, filled with generic shower gels and body lotions, I must say nothing really comes close; it’s well priced, smells amazing and their kitsch, witty phrased packaging hits all the right buttons. Whats great is that I managed to get my hands on The Yule Monty gift set. Call it a gift from me to me at the bargain price of £27! Any whoo, my bottom draw is now packed to the rafters and these beauty’s are going to last me the whole year.

A little secret, their Original Pink Formula 1 eau de parfum is a complete Miss Dior dupe.


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Original Pink

Soap and Glory

The Forgotten Liner


Lip liner is a truly forgotton gem. To be honest it does lay in my dresser all neglected and feeling sorry for itself. I would like to say I own a colour to match every lipstick but nope, I don’t, I just seem to own various shades of nude. Although liner has been tarnished by the nighties, used right it should serve a rightful place in everybody’s collection.

Top Tips

Small feathery strokes are key, you don’t want solid lines, unless thats the look your going for. Don’t go above your natural lip line, its not a food look, it looks obvious and unless your a pro makeup artist, don’t do it!

For a long lasting lip colour, lip pencil has the lasting power and I’ve seen pro artists use just a pencil for the entire lip. It looks amazing if you want a strong, matte lip and if you have the right colour it can look really effective; think oranges and reds!

Now I managed to grab this beauty for £2.00 in TKMaxx by New CID which is currently £16.00 on feelunique.com here. Another fab nude is MAC’s Spice and for a deep purple MAC’s Vino. Check out Vino in full force here.


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January Wishlist

January Wishlist
Oh dear, it appears to be my dreaded five week month and my list of NEEDS seem to be getting bigger. Maybe I won’t own all these items by then end of January but I can only wish.I definitely, at least need the Emma Hardie balm and some leather trousers, hmmm n’ maybe the Whistles bag!
So, roll on payday thats all I’m saying!

The Magic Wand that is Touché Eclat!



20140109-131842.jpgIf you’ve never tried YSL Touche Eclat, what the eff have you been doing? In every bag, of every makeup bee, ever! You’ll find this golden gem! You may think, glorified under-eye concealer- well perhaps not! I’m not saying we have been using it wrong, no, well, maybe-kinda-ish. What I am saying is that this multi-purpose wand can wave some amazing magic across your beautiful faces! This cult favorite has a vast array of capabilities. 

>Lining your eyebrows, thats right, under and around the entire eyebrow area will lift instantly

>Line down the bridge of your nose, slim and slender nose? Yes please!

>Inner corner of your eyes=bright eyed beauty!

>Along the cheekbones to highlight

>Inner/lower forehead for the Kim Kardashian contouring

>Around the lip area, espesh after applying lippy; all you need is a little around the cupids bow and the lower lip, trust me, it gives instant focus to a brightly painted pout!


Check this Video for to Wayne Goss tips on Touche Eclat…


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YSL:Touche Eclat