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The Minimalist Hair Care Hoedown


Although I love all things hair, I am a minimalist, no fuss, no nonsense. My hair is pretty fine but I have a lot of it; if that makes sense, therefore products tend weigh it down. The only problem things can turn into a moisture balancing act, I don’t want dry hair, nor do I want limp greasy hair either. Nonetheless, my quick routine has made me realise their is a hair care god!

Shampoo: Bumble and Bumble Tonic*

My hair gets pretty oily so I was really looking forward to trying Bumble and Bumble’s Tonic. It has my favourite smell Tea Tree in it and it also has a touch of peppermint so you get that ooo! ahhh! tingling scalp feeling in the shower. I’ve found it doesn’t strip my hair but clarifies, leaving it clean and very shiny! Massive thumbs up! The only down-side is you only get 250ml 😦 and I want more!

Conditioner: Bumble and Bumble Let it Shine!*

Every girl craves that shine factor and this little beauty has helped give my lack-lustres locks that added sparkle! Past products have left a weird silky film over my hair; probably the silicone they’ve crammed in, branded it shine when actually its lovely plastic. Eeeeek!  This however gives you the boost without coating your hair with nasties! Thank you Bumble and Bumble, Thank you very much!

After I’ve washed my hair I pop on Moroccanoil; the light version if my hair isn’t feeling too dry. I love the smell and I have seen a huge improvement since incorporated this into my haircare routine. The downside is the hefty price tag! But, I promise you its worth it, I use it every other day and it has lasted about a year! You definitely get you moneys worth. If your purse strings can’t stretch then Lee Stafford’s Argan Oil is an amazing alternative.

The hairs washed, the oils in, next, my fave part, THE TANGLE TEEZER!! I can’t tell you enough how much this has changed my LIFE! Before, my hair was matted, knotty and I’d dread brushing it; pulling knots out with my hands was a daily occurance, oh the horror! Now this combs through a dream, no pulling, no knots, woohoo! So if you haven’t got one already, GO GET ONE NOW! Its a real life changing moment.


Shop this…




Tangle Teezer

Hair Post #8 Millie Mackintosh

Hey Loves,

I’ve been ever so busy recently but I’ve still managed to squeeze a few hair dooos in!

I love dutch braids and they’ve been emulated on the runway, but more so on my fave MIC star, Millie Mac and famously the beautiful Olsen twins.

Millie’s is neat and sophisticated and the Olsens is obviously messy- boho; I prefer somewhere in between.

Sooooo…What to Do?

1. Make a center parting and split you hair into two as if you were doing pigtails.

2. Plait one side and then the other then cross the plaits over the top of your head pinning into place.

3. Spruce and tease the plaits to create texture.

4. Have play with pulling bits of hair out until you are happy with your look.

Check the pics below for inspiration!






Millie Mackintosh Bridal Hair

olsen braid

Hair Post #7: Downton Abbey

20131026-092932 pm.jpg

Well hello! My own Lady Mary (my mum!) demanded I make her look sensational for an outing she was attending.

She is slightly obsessed,along with the rest of the nation, I think, with Downton Abbey. Now I don’t get the deal? I don’t think much happens, but nothing happens on the Kardashians and I love it, so each it their own n’ all that! 😉 But I do love the hair styles on Downton atm, I’ll give it that!

I’ve not done anything like this before and it was the first time I’d attempted fingers wave. I tried to mix Downton with wearability and I found the finished result looked soooo lovely and my mum loved it too!

I used a water spray bottle, mousse, hairspray, tail comb and bobby pins.

This video is super good, as it explains the technique of finger waves

The key to this to this style is to shape the hair around your face. The back I just back combed, rolled upwards, bobby pinned and sprayed to finish. I loved it that much I’m going to attempt it myself, so keep posted!

20131026-084533 pm.jpg

20131026-084556 pm.jpg

20131026-084612 pm.jpg

20131026-084619 pm.jpg

20131026-084643 pm.jpg

20131026-084533 pm.jpg

20131026-084556 pm.jpg

20131026-084612 pm.jpg

20131026-084619 pm.jpg

20131026-084643 pm.jpg

Hair Post #5 Round 2

Hey ladies!

So I got through to the practical round for BBC3 Hair! YEY!

This is the last round before they choose the final 8 for the programme. They have set 2 challenges, first; an updo which has to include braids/plaits and the second; a basic cutting task, eeeek! CRY!

They literally told me on Wednesday so I’ve been trying to fit practising is around work. So not very much 😦

I thought I’d share my ‘updo’ styles, I’m unsure which one I’ll recreate, as they haven’t given a time frame yet. But views would me much appreciated, please thank you!

As for the cutting task, my mum used to be a hairdresser and squeezed a little crash course in, let’s just say, it’s more than just snippy snip! Hats off to all the hairdressers out there!

And, a big Thanks to my lovely friend, Antonia, who in between nappy changing let me play with her hair!









Hair Post #4: Hollywood Waves


This style hair has been emulated by many celebrities and movie stars, including Lana Del Rey, Kim Kardashian, Sienna Miller and Megan Fox. It’s basically a modern twist on a Fifties set; where ladies used to have rollers placed in wet hair and popped under a huge hair dryer! Nowadays this look can easily be created at home. Retro in inspiration yet the outcome is modern!

What you need…

  • Curling wand like these.
  • Sectioning grips
  • Hair spray
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Heat Protector


This style hair has been emulated by many movie star, including Lana Del Rey, Sienne Miller and Megan Fox. It’s basically a modern twist on a Fifties set; where ladies used to have rollers placed in wet hair and they would let them dry under a huge hair dryer! Nowadays this look can easily be created at home, retro in inspiration, the outcome is modern.

What you need?

  • Curling wand like these.
  • Sectioning grips
  • Hair spray
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Heat Protector


  • Create a side parting from around where you eyebrow arches, then section your hair into four sections. Two at the front, two at the back.
  • Start at your back sections; take you curling wand and wrap and twist your hair; around one inch thick by one inch wide, towards the face.
  • Hold each sections of hair around wand until you can feel the heat off your hair. Then release and carefully grip with a small sectioning grip.
  • Repeat this until all hair is done.
  • The most important part is that you leave your hair to cool. Maybe do your makeup at this point.


  • Remove all grips and brush curls out, leaving large waves.
  • For extra staying power and if you have patience you can use a finger wave technique and grip the troughs of the waves, see pic above.




  • I tend to tuck one side behind my ear and clip into place and then brush my fringe section over.
  • I spritz with a bit of hair spray to finish and shine spray on the peaks of the waves.
  • Finally, pop your soft bristled brush in your bag, I find the more your brush, the better it looks!

Check these YouTube videos out for more help…

Hair Post #3






Had a little play with my my hair, for a change. I decided to incorporate the S-wave plait into this pretty side chignon.

To learn how to create a s-wave plait check this video out…

1. I split my hair into 3 sections, 2 at the front, one at the back.

2. Start S-wave at one of front section and carry this around and pin to hold plait whilst you…

3. Start at the opposite side and do exactly the same.

4. Then join both front sections and begin to s-wave plait them into one.

5. Wrap them into a bun and bobby pin into place.