The New Leather Edit

The New Leather Edit
If your an avid reader of my blog, you probably know that I have a small obsession with anything leather. I managed to purchase a lovely leather dress over New Year and now I’m I want more!
I’m lusting over a new leather clutch, jacket and trousers; these beauties above are some of my recent faves. Best get saving my pennies!
Is it payday yet?
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Why I Love Soap and Glory


Partial to the odd luxury product-yes, but for ol’ day to day usage, Soap and Glory take righteous place. In a heavily dominated ‘big brand’ market, filled with generic shower gels and body lotions, I must say nothing really comes close; it’s well priced, smells amazing and their kitsch, witty phrased packaging hits all the right buttons. Whats great is that I managed to get my hands on The Yule Monty gift set. Call it a gift from me to me at the bargain price of £27! Any whoo, my bottom draw is now packed to the rafters and these beauty’s are going to last me the whole year.

A little secret, their Original Pink Formula 1 eau de parfum is a complete Miss Dior dupe.


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Original Pink

Soap and Glory

The Minimalist Hair Care Hoedown


Although I love all things hair, I am a minimalist, no fuss, no nonsense. My hair is pretty fine but I have a lot of it; if that makes sense, therefore products tend weigh it down. The only problem things can turn into a moisture balancing act, I don’t want dry hair, nor do I want limp greasy hair either. Nonetheless, my quick routine has made me realise their is a hair care god!

Shampoo: Bumble and Bumble Tonic*

My hair gets pretty oily so I was really looking forward to trying Bumble and Bumble’s Tonic. It has my favourite smell Tea Tree in it and it also has a touch of peppermint so you get that ooo! ahhh! tingling scalp feeling in the shower. I’ve found it doesn’t strip my hair but clarifies, leaving it clean and very shiny! Massive thumbs up! The only down-side is you only get 250ml 😦 and I want more!

Conditioner: Bumble and Bumble Let it Shine!*

Every girl craves that shine factor and this little beauty has helped give my lack-lustres locks that added sparkle! Past products have left a weird silky film over my hair; probably the silicone they’ve crammed in, branded it shine when actually its lovely plastic. Eeeeek!  This however gives you the boost without coating your hair with nasties! Thank you Bumble and Bumble, Thank you very much!

After I’ve washed my hair I pop on Moroccanoil; the light version if my hair isn’t feeling too dry. I love the smell and I have seen a huge improvement since incorporated this into my haircare routine. The downside is the hefty price tag! But, I promise you its worth it, I use it every other day and it has lasted about a year! You definitely get you moneys worth. If your purse strings can’t stretch then Lee Stafford’s Argan Oil is an amazing alternative.

The hairs washed, the oils in, next, my fave part, THE TANGLE TEEZER!! I can’t tell you enough how much this has changed my LIFE! Before, my hair was matted, knotty and I’d dread brushing it; pulling knots out with my hands was a daily occurance, oh the horror! Now this combs through a dream, no pulling, no knots, woohoo! So if you haven’t got one already, GO GET ONE NOW! Its a real life changing moment.


Shop this…




Tangle Teezer

Let’s Talk Lashes


Seen as though I updated you lovelies on my go-to mascara’s yesterday,I thought I’d best give you a run down on making the most of those peepers. Please excuse the lots of eye ball pics!

Shu Uemura curling, of course!

First step, if you haven’t already, GO GET SOME SHU UEMURA EYELASH CURLERS!! NOW! These are not just your regular eyelash curlers, they are ‘thee’ eyelash curler. They will change your life! So clamp them right at the root and lift your hand upwards as you clamp. This helps give that wide-awake look.


Then grab you mascara and place the brush right at the root and in a zig-zag motion work the mascara into the lashes, right to the tip. Start from outer to the inner corner of the eye, don’t forget those baby lashes!

If you want some serious separation, use a lash comb, a good one is by Ruby and Millie, or very carefully use some tweezers to pry the lashes that are clumped together. I like to layer coats for high impact, but for day to day lashes, a couple of layers does it! I usually use the tip of my brush on the bottom lashes; in a left-right motion across. You don’t want spider lashes, so you don’t need too much product, therefore leave the bottom ones until last.

When your happy with the layering and separating, clean up with a cotton bud or if your fancy, or have had a recent glossy box, use an eye makeup remover pen.

The Falsies Mascara
YSL Mascara

So your done! Gorgeous, fluttery eyelashes!YEY!

Now if you read my last post you’ll know I spoke about YSL and The Falsies mascaras. I thought I’d do one eye with the drug store and the other with the high end. I think the drug store looks the best! What do you think?

Do I look bog eye? Lol

I know I maybe teaching you to suck eggs but this is a fab video for some serious application technique…click here


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My Space NK January Sale Steals

20140110-041736 pm.jpg

20140110-041743 pm.jpg

20140110-041824 pm.jpg

20140110-041830 pm.jpg

20140110-041835 pm.jpg
My alarm clock went off for work on Boxing Day, yes I’m a nurse, yes I worked Christmas! The bonus, I was up first thing for a good ol’ gander at the Space NK sale. I was absolutely SKINT after Christmas and I only managed a couple of things, but could have gone MAD! And still, a few other bits that are calling out for me to press the buy button. STEP AWAY ANNIE, STEP AWAY!

Straight into my basket was the Space NK Signature Train bag. I’d been looking for a decent sized make up/travel bag for aaages; as I’d bloody burnt mine with my hair tongs, sizzle! Eeeek! £12.50 was a small price to pay and I’m super impressed, already used it; loved it. It’s the perfect size for all my toiletries and then I put my ‘nice’ makeup in my Laura Mercier Portfolio Case (it’s a beaut too). I’ve just looked of the Space NK site and they’re still available, I don’t think they’re available in store, well you couldn’t when I went in the other day; wasn’t priced in the sale, unsure why?! Hmmm.

Now my second grab was this lovely Laura Mercier Bath and Body duo in Almond and Coconut. I’ve given it a good smell; sweet but not sickly and if it’s anything like the ambre vanillé the scent will linger. The duo includes a bath salt and creme; I’ve not tried either yet, but intend to fully review v. soon. If it’s anything like the ambre vanillé soufflé body it will be a total dream, check out my review here.

Unfortunately the duo isn’t available anymore, literally sold out in a blink, but they’ve just popped some new bargains into to their sale edit so if my money starts burning holes I may purchase Diptque Tom Dao perfume, hold me back ladies, hold me back!

What did you manage to grab in the sales? Any bargains to share? Give me a tweet @lady4nnie or leave me a comment!
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Laura Mercier: Ambre Vanille Souffle Body Creme Review





As requested on my Makeup Storage and Tidy Up here is the review of my Laura Mercier: Ambre Vanille Souffle Creme.

My boyfriend bought me this for my birthday, but I think it costs around £40. I’ve linked it above and on John Lewis is £34, and Space NK £43.50 so it’s worth having a search around to find a decent deal.

Ambre Vanille is the newer fragrance of Laura Mercier’s range and in all honesty my favorite. It comes is a variety of formats; from body butters to hand creams.

Space NK describes it as…

‘This silky smooth crème, with its lightly whipped feel and delicious Ambre Vanille scent, enriches the skin with much-deserved Vitamin A, C and E derivatives. Grape Seed and Rice Bran Oil condition the skin while Vanilla Extract and Honey offer soothing benefits. Sweet Almond and Hydrolyzed Rice Proteins, along with Pro-Vitamin B-5 provide moisture balance and protection. For skin that deserves the ultimate luxury, indulge in this luscious Body Crème.’


Packaging: Heavy duty glass jar with a matte silver screw top. The packaging reminds me of Jo Malone products; simple, yet elegant and looks fabulous on your dresser.

Formula: It’s super thick yet smooth and a pink-champagney colour. Although it appears thick, its not heavy duty or greasy; therefore, you feel moisturised without that sticky feeling. A bonus is that you only a small amount; a little goes a long way. YEY!

Fragrance: AMAZING!! It’s fairly sweet but not at all sickly and it is unbelievable long lasting; more-so than any spray perfumes I own…

I usually apply it on my arms, neck and chest, not so much my legs, I don’t know why, I just tend to not. The most important element, personally, is that it lasts without me getting sick of it; I can instantly take a dislike to fragrances after a while. Blueergh! To mix it up I  sometimes layer it with one of my Jo Malone fragrances and it works really well. 

I really want to buy the ambre vanille eau gourmande (spray fragrance) and bathe in it, well, I could I suppose if I had the honey bath! I did buy this for my mum and she LOVES it, check it out here. Deffo a good gift idea for somebody!

There are also other fragrances  in the range…

Go have a smell in Harvey Nic’s, Space NK or Selfridges, you will fall in love.

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