Wedding Hairstyles

Hey ladies!

I’ve been experimenting again with hairstyles for up and coming summer events.

I looked on Pinterest for some inspo and tried to recreate them…

Here are some piccies I’ve took of looks I’ve created…




The messy bun…

I french plaited the back and placed into a ponytail.

I backed combed and plaited small sections and bobbie pinned them into place. I used an extra large donut for extra umph!!

Messy boho plait…

I plaited an upside down plait down the middle section of the hair and places in a bobble.

I left two small section next to the ears. I then threaded the sections into the upside plait.

I back combed the pony tail and pinned with bobbie pins randomly.

Rolled up chignon…

This was by faaaar the quickest! Looks pretty good too!!

I pulled the hair into an upside down pony tail. I rolled the pony tail upwards and pinned with bobbie pinned into place.

What’s your favourite?!

I would love some feed back lovely ladies!!



12 thoughts on “Wedding Hairstyles

  1. I like the last one. It seems the most wedding appropriate. The others are really pretty, but I feel like the last one is the kind of classy look that a wedding calls for.

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