Twenty Something Snippet: Mini Meltdowns!

So being twenty something your young free and fabulous, no responsibilities, the worlds your oyster, blah blah blarggh!

And whoaaah there you are mini meltdown central…What’s going on?

Your suppose to be twenty something living life, partaaaying, but your an inconsolable emotional ticking time bomb feeling all sorry for yourself!

But…Hey it’s okay…

What I’m trying to say is that those inconvenient little meltdown you may experience or shall we call it ‘quarter life crisis’ is NORMAL. Very normal, especially nowadays…

I speak from experience ladies and gossip regularly with friends about it.

We all have something in common and ask the catalyst question…Is this it then? Life? Now? Me here doing what I’m doing… Is the grass greener? Nobody hands you a text book that tells you this is how you need to be or this is where you need to be going.

The most important thing to remember is to surround yourself with lovely people that support you.

You are doing okay, if anything fabulous! Those mini hiccups make you who you are. They help you get through you your twenties and beyond.

Much love and twenty-somethingness.

Annie x


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