This Lady is a Vamp

MAC’s Diva and Media. Nails Inc Victoria.
MAC’s Vino
Oh so serious?
This lady is a VAMP
Painting the town purple-y red?!

I’ve spoken of my love of leather and black cherry hues on the lips and nail, but I can’t help but re-discover new shades of deep berryness and how ‘right now’ it looks with leather!

I know it all can be a little halloweeneey but trust me, do a big ‘YES’ to the vamped up trend. You’ll end up like me, swatching only these colours.

My especially fave lippie shade is  MAC’s Diva; although it looks all deep and purple-y, it photos a little redder but still looks amazing. If you check my Merry Berry Lips post here you’ll see  a swatch of Diva and a multitude of very similar shades (I told you, I’m hooked!)

Now saying that, I thought they’re can’t possibly be another dark purple-y lipstick I don’t know about, but NO, I was wrong and even more so a matching lip liner!! Tut! The shame of it when my beautiful friend Emily handed over MAC Media lippie and matching Vino lipliner!

To match my vampy lips, I painted Nails Inc’s Victoria; this is a perfect dark and daring shade and I LOVE IT!

So if you’re going to wear the lips and the nails, I say, grab yourself some leather, go oooon, do it!

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This Lady is a Vamp!


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Nails Inc Victoria

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Merry Berry Lips




You know I love a merry berry nails! Check out my last post if you haven’t already!!

But I also LOVE a merry berry lip too. These are my all time favourite lippies that I excessively use over the festive/winter season…

Left to right on swatch:
&OtherStories: Droguet Purple
MAC Diva
MAC Russian Russian
Yves Roche Mauve
MAC Captive
MAC Dare You

Yes. Very MAC heavy but I’m open to berry new shades? Let me know! Leave a comment or tweet me @lady4nnie!!

Much love,



My Mac Lippies!

20130904-105541 PM.jpg

Hey Lovelies,

So I thought I’d pull all my MAC lipsticks out and do an entire blog post on my collection. My collection is probably minute compared to other ladies, I know it can get seriously addictive!

I can’t say they’re all the most amazing lipsticks, but they are some top contenders and I still get that excited feeling when I buy a new one.

I have blondie brown hair and dark brown eyes so my lippies are obviously chosen to what suits me. I’ve swatched and tried on my lippies for you so you get the gist of the colour and what it looks like on. Some are a little tired, bless um, but still look fab!

20130904-105609 PM.jpg

20130904-105616 PM.jpg

20130904-105622 PM.jpg

20130904-105629 PM.jpg

20130904-105642 PM.jpg

20130904-105652 PM.jpg

20130904-105701 PM.jpg

20130904-105802 PM.jpg

20130904-105933 PM.jpg

20130904-110013 PM.jpg

Please forgive my lip shots I’m full of cold. I hope you can get an idea of the colours.

I’m thinking of adding a new lippie to my collection, any advise?

Much love

A x