Just a quick post to let you lovely readers of Lady Annie know that my blog and I are featuring on Hair! Yey!! It’s all a bit exciting, click the like below to read my bio and all about the contest! L.A. For regular Lady Annie updates follow me on Twitter and instagram! Click […]

Hair Post #7: Downton Abbey

Well hello! My own Lady Mary (my mum!) demanded I make her look sensational for an outing she was attending. She is slightly obsessed,along with the rest of the nation, I think, with Downton Abbey. Now I don’t get the deal? I don’t think much happens, but nothing happens on the Kardashians and I love […]

Hair Post #5 Round 2

Hey ladies! So I got through to the practical round for BBC3 Hair! YEY! This is the last round before they choose the final 8 for the programme. They have set 2 challenges, first; an updo which has to include braids/plaits and the second; a basic cutting task, eeeek! CRY! They literally told me on […]