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Hair Post #7: Downton Abbey

20131026-092932 pm.jpg

Well hello! My own Lady Mary (my mum!) demanded I make her look sensational for an outing she was attending.

She is slightly obsessed,along with the rest of the nation, I think, with Downton Abbey. Now I don’t get the deal? I don’t think much happens, but nothing happens on the Kardashians and I love it, so each it their own n’ all that! 😉 But I do love the hair styles on Downton atm, I’ll give it that!

I’ve not done anything like this before and it was the first time I’d attempted fingers wave. I tried to mix Downton with wearability and I found the finished result looked soooo lovely and my mum loved it too!

I used a water spray bottle, mousse, hairspray, tail comb and bobby pins.

This video is super good, as it explains the technique of finger waves

The key to this to this style is to shape the hair around your face. The back I just back combed, rolled upwards, bobby pinned and sprayed to finish. I loved it that much I’m going to attempt it myself, so keep posted!

20131026-084533 pm.jpg

20131026-084556 pm.jpg

20131026-084612 pm.jpg

20131026-084619 pm.jpg

20131026-084643 pm.jpg

20131026-084533 pm.jpg

20131026-084556 pm.jpg

20131026-084612 pm.jpg

20131026-084619 pm.jpg

20131026-084643 pm.jpg

Hair Post #5 Round 2

Hey ladies!

So I got through to the practical round for BBC3 Hair! YEY!

This is the last round before they choose the final 8 for the programme. They have set 2 challenges, first; an updo which has to include braids/plaits and the second; a basic cutting task, eeeek! CRY!

They literally told me on Wednesday so I’ve been trying to fit practising is around work. So not very much 😦

I thought I’d share my ‘updo’ styles, I’m unsure which one I’ll recreate, as they haven’t given a time frame yet. But views would me much appreciated, please thank you!

As for the cutting task, my mum used to be a hairdresser and squeezed a little crash course in, let’s just say, it’s more than just snippy snip! Hats off to all the hairdressers out there!

And, a big Thanks to my lovely friend, Antonia, who in between nappy changing let me play with her hair!