Totally Twee Toners


Sometimes, yep, it is an effort to grab your toner; that step two in your ‘cleansing’ routine that you may, or may not do; I say do, do, do!

Try and change your perception from the ol’ drying, stingy-potions that give you a horrible burning sensation. The traditional toners have now moved on; as Caroline Hirons notes…

‘Think of them as the first step in the moisturising process, not the final step if the cleansing process’.

Since reading this revelation and seeing the change in my skin, I have fallen in love and long forgotten my skin stripping, teenage years tonics.

I cleanse first, then follow with an exfoliating toner; I’m currently using Pixi’s Glow Tonic, but I here Clarins do an equally awesome one too. Then I use my favorite; Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner. This, you spray all over your face, super quick and easy! This is my hydrating toner ‘step’ or I use L’Occitane Angelica Facial Toner, second choice to Dermalogica I’m afraid!

For more great skincare tips check out Caroline Hirons blog here and check out my fave bloggers whilst your at it! The rest of my skincare routine can be found here.


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My Skincare Routine

20131102-150054.jpg 20131102-150109.jpg 20131102-150120.jpgHey Lovely Ladies!

Blog posts have been on the back burner recently 😦 I promise the pace will pick back up and I’ll tell you allll about the exciting things that have been preoccupying my time! Any way, I’m always super noisy with what people are using in their skincare routine so I thought I’d expose mine. I always struggle with cleansers and moisturisers. I get bored very easily and they are never quite perfect! Plus, I think your skin is constantly changing whether it be stress or the environment.

So currently I’m cleansing with Origins Clean Energy; it’s an oil based formula that changes to a milky consistency when wet. You apply it to a dry face and then wet your hands and do another little rub around, then rinse. I really like it, I don’t think its perfect but its good at getting off makeup and rivals Shu Uemura‘s cleansing oil! My skins feels cleansed without feeling tight or over washed.

I then use Pixi’s Glow Tonic on a cotton pad and sweep around my chops. This stuff is ahmaaazing! I’d never really heard of these exfoliating toners before, except when I used to use Cliniques 3 step majiggy one and my skin felt all dry and scared! But this actually gives super; I get dry patches around my nose and it really helps to get rid of any dead skin leaving you with smooooth, supple, glowing skin. The only problem is that you have buy it from the Pixi shop in London, but, online its says it coming soon! YEY! Check out Caroline Hirons blog, she inspired this purchase.

I then, another Hirons inspiration, use Hydraluron. This wonder product you can buy from Boots and its superb! It basically acts as a magnet, so any moisterisers/products you put on after will stay there so your skin hold the goodness of your product. I think it really makes a difference and I can tell when I haven’t been using it. Finally, I use Dermalogica Active Moist. I’ve used this on and off for years and always come back to it. It’s not too heavy or too light, it smells nice and my skin feel hydrated! I like it and yet to find anything comparable!

Much Love! Follow me on twitter and let me know your skincare faves!