This Lady is a Vamp

MAC’s Diva and Media. Nails Inc Victoria.
MAC’s Vino
Oh so serious?
This lady is a VAMP
Painting the town purple-y red?!

I’ve spoken of my love of leather and black cherry hues on the lips and nail, but I can’t help but re-discover new shades of deep berryness and how ‘right now’ it looks with leather!

I know it all can be a little halloweeneey but trust me, do a big ‘YES’ to the vamped up trend. You’ll end up like me, swatching only these colours.

My especially fave lippie shade is  MAC’s Diva; although it looks all deep and purple-y, it photos a little redder but still looks amazing. If you check my Merry Berry Lips post here you’ll see  a swatch of Diva and a multitude of very similar shades (I told you, I’m hooked!)

Now saying that, I thought they’re can’t possibly be another dark purple-y lipstick I don’t know about, but NO, I was wrong and even more so a matching lip liner!! Tut! The shame of it when my beautiful friend Emily handed over MAC Media lippie and matching Vino lipliner!

To match my vampy lips, I painted Nails Inc’s Victoria; this is a perfect dark and daring shade and I LOVE IT!

So if you’re going to wear the lips and the nails, I say, grab yourself some leather, go oooon, do it!

Lacking the inspiration? Check out my past post here

This Lady is a Vamp!


Shop this look:

MAC Diva, Vino, Media

Nails Inc Victoria

ASOS Leather Cami Dress

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Laura Mercier: Custom Artist Portfolio










My make up encased!!


So I have one of the best friends in the whole world and knowing me like the back of her hand, she bought me this amazing make-up portfolio from Laura Mercier. I’ve been wanting one of these cases for AGES. Its just  gorgeous! In metallic brown, it has individual zipper sections that attach by magnets, plus it has a section for brushes. YEY!

To make things even better it came with three products; a Refillable Custom Compact including two eye colour duets and cheek colour, Kohl Eye Pencil and Lip Glace.

The range of colours are reaaaally natural and wearable; I’ll get loads of wear out of all of these products and best yet you can take them from day to night, especially the eye shadows.

I can’t LOVE this more! YEY and YEY!

Check it out here and definitely purchase if your looking for really versatile products and luxurious make up case that will turn people green with envy.

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Fragrance LOVIN’!



Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia.
Tom Ford Black Orchid
Narcisco Rodriguez For Her

I love perfume, although, I do get bored and end up having a few on rotation, which is not so great for my bank balance but at least I smell nice 🙂

At the minute, these three have been my go to fragrances and I must say that I’m not getting bored of any. Through the day I wear a lot of English Pear and Freesia, it’s super fresh yet has a floral note with the freesia. The only downside is that it doesn’t last very long and for the hefty price, you’d think otherwise, so I end up carrying a mini decanter in my handbag; problem solved!

If I’m in the mood for something more deeper, more heavier, more night time-y, I grab Black Orchid by Tom Ford. This is AMAAAZE. I managed to grab this during the Debenhams pre -xmas fragrance sale, which meant it was a tad cheaper, but still, I could only afford 30mls!! Literally though, you need one squirt; it’s pretty heavy, last AGES and develops beautifully as the night goes on!

Finally, a newbie to my continuously extending collection is For Her by Narciso Rodriguez. I would say this  perfume that sits perfectly between Black Orchid and English Pear and Freesia; meaning not too light nor too heavy. This also wears beautifully and get lots of comments when I’m wearing it.  Now, when you first smell it, don’t be put off as it comes across quite floral, but trust me, it’s a complete grower and you’ll be glad you read this post telling you to give it a whirl!

Clicking time…

Check these links for the cheapest price;

Tom Ford Black Orchid, Narciso Rodriguez, Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia.


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Festive Time in Pictures









20140105-170015.jpgHope everyone had a fab Xmas and New Year!

These are my fave piccies from over festive season; generally involving nights out n’ about and lots of lovely people!

YEY to 2014, I’m excited, are you?


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The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner

20140104-093946 am.jpg

Yes it’s one of those jobs that I HATE, but it needs to be done; that’s right…cleaning your brushes. But thanks to my Glossy Box I’ve found a fab soap that brings your brushes up a treat! I literally squeezed a little soap straight onto a wet brush, rubbed it in with my fingers, then rinsed it under ran it under a warm tap. I was amazed with the result, one brush completely changed colour…shameful!

Now I’ve seen these Dr Bonner Castile liquid soaps in TKMaxx, but you can get them online for about 6/7 quid!
I did a bit of research and these soaps are used for a multitude of things; I have the Baby Cast which has no fragrance but there are a few different smells which all use organic oils and are especially fab for people who have allergies or sensitive.
Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol.
** None remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin

Any whoooo, this will definitely be a repurchase and  I completely recommend this for cleaning your makeup brushes, 10/10!

Buy it here

L.A. Xxx


20140104-093403 pm.jpg

20140104-093411 pm.jpg

20140104-093426 pm.jpg

Merry Berry Nails


20131219-194140.jpgI absolutely love berry shades around the festive season. It’s the perfect time of year to experiment with an array of deep purples, cherry reds and berry burgundies. I think a lick of polish adds that extra bit of glamour and finishes off your winter outfits. I especially love Victoria by Nails Inc but since my Chanel Mani I’ve been trialling Provocation (love the name). Although I’m afraid it’s more of a chipper than Nails Inc, sorry Chanel!

From left to right; Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus, Nails Inc Tate, Chanel Provocation, Chanel Rouge Noir, Nails Inc Victoria and Rimmel Purple Rain.

What’s your favourite winter nail? Leave a comment.

Keep an eye out for Merry Berry Lips; my fave berry lip shades.

Much Love


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Merry Berry Lips




You know I love a merry berry nails! Check out my last post if you haven’t already!!

But I also LOVE a merry berry lip too. These are my all time favourite lippies that I excessively use over the festive/winter season…

Left to right on swatch:
&OtherStories: Droguet Purple
MAC Diva
MAC Russian Russian
Yves Roche Mauve
MAC Captive
MAC Dare You

Yes. Very MAC heavy but I’m open to berry new shades? Let me know! Leave a comment or tweet me @lady4nnie!!

Much love,



What I love about Xmas: Lush’s Snow Fairy!



20131219-193652.jpgEvery year LUSH brings out there limited edition range and my favorite is Snow Fairy; I think its their number one bestseller at Xmas, so I guess I’m not the only one.

I got my first sniff of this a few Christmases ago when that familiar smell came wafting from the wrapping paper; a Lush gift set, I can smell it a mile off! Snow Fairy was their poking from the polystyrene foam tubes , that seem to end up all over the floor! tut! So I gave it a whirl and I was hooked, the down side, trying to make it last. This beauty is only available around the festive season 😦 and this year I remembered to pick up a bottle. YEY!

It’s not your typical herbally Lush smelling product, instead LUSH! describe it as… ‘Sweet, fruity pink shower gel loved by people everywhere.’

I think it smells of pear drops mixed with a few Haribo’s and  the best bit, you can smell it allllll day on your skin, LOVE IT!!!

Check it on here!



Leather Dress Obsession

Leather Dress Obsession
I’ve really struggled this year with finding something to wear for the party season. I’m not the biggest fan of sparkly/glittery numbers and find I wear them once and never again. I’m also trying to be more savvy by buying quality as so much quantity.
So I had a moment during my monthly read of Company magazine; leather edit and PING a leather dress? Yes please! It satisfied my savvy, yet quality needs. Luckily ASOS had 25% off at the weekend so the price was right too!
I bought the ASOS Chevron Leather Cami dress and I’m intending to wear it all over the Xmas season.
Sourced from Company Magazine, November issue 2013.
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