The Magic Wand that is Touché Eclat!



20140109-131842.jpgIf you’ve never tried YSL Touche Eclat, what the eff have you been doing? In every bag, of every makeup bee, ever! You’ll find this golden gem! You may think, glorified under-eye concealer- well perhaps not! I’m not saying we have been using it wrong, no, well, maybe-kinda-ish. What I am saying is that this multi-purpose wand can wave some amazing magic across your beautiful faces! This cult favorite has a vast array of capabilities. 

>Lining your eyebrows, thats right, under and around the entire eyebrow area will lift instantly

>Line down the bridge of your nose, slim and slender nose? Yes please!

>Inner corner of your eyes=bright eyed beauty!

>Along the cheekbones to highlight

>Inner/lower forehead for the Kim Kardashian contouring

>Around the lip area, espesh after applying lippy; all you need is a little around the cupids bow and the lower lip, trust me, it gives instant focus to a brightly painted pout!


Check this Video for to Wayne Goss tips on Touche Eclat…


Shop this look:


YSL:Touche Eclat


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