Lets Talk Mascara

Lancome Extreme, Maybelline The Falsies, YSL Volume Effect Cils, L’Oreal Telescopic.

Lets talk mascara, right? I think us ladies are all on a voyage to find ‘The One’. Unfortunately, I am still searching and I think that search will never end. On the plus I have tried and tested insane amounts of mascara and what I can tell you, there is hope!

I have around five mascaras on rotation; usually a couple of high end and a couple of drug store. At the minute my top high end mascara’s are YSL Volume Effects Cils followed by Lancome L’Extreme. 

I’ve long been a fan of YSL Volume Effects Cils mascara; its beautifully packaged and feels luxurious. You can really pile on the layers, so your lashes are left thick and  ultra plush. The down side, it dries fast; so no pump-pumpy action (that is the in and out pumping action=air in the tube=VERY DRY MASCARA!) and make sure you twist it tight when you’ve finished using it! Thats you told!

Lancome, lancome, lancome, how I loved your Hypnose mascara; I can’t say the same for L’Extreme. The instant lash drama just isn’t there and for £22.00, I expected more. My lashes were left limp, stubby and wet, something that you’d expect from a cheaper mascara.

Now as cheaper mascaras go, I’ve been juggling Maybellines ‘The Falsies and L’Oreals Telescopic. The Falsies made famous by Tanya Burr has lived up to the hype. I use this as my go-to mascara, its great for work but really build-able if you want high impact. A definite repurchase for 2014. As for Telescopic, made famous by Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup. Although Anna is a fave of mine, this mascara isn’t. It just didn’t work for me. It left my lashes really wet and straight, with no lift what-so-ever. The only positive; lash seperation.

Although I am impressed with what the beauty world is offering, I still feel that there is room for a stand out, AMAZING mascara. All I want is lift, volume, length, longevity, no flaking, no clumps and no drying out; is that too much to ask? hmmm maybe. 

Until then, the crown goes to The Falsies, isn.


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9 thoughts on “Lets Talk Mascara

  1. Hi Annie,

    Have you tried Lancome Doll Eyes?
    I am abit fickle when it comes to products meaning I switch around alot -whether that be shampoos/moisturisers/foundations; however, I have never used another mascara since I first purchased my first Doll Eyes about 3 years ago! It separates my lashes evenly and isn’t too thick or watery either plus it is easy to layer if i want more impact/volume.
    I know different mascaras work differently on different people, but I think it would be worth a try for your next mascara purchase! x

      1. Yes I don’t have any other mascara in my makeup bag. I swear by it – it lasts ages too and doesn’t seem to go clumpy I just make sure I twist my mascara wand inside the tube instead of pushing and pulling in and out which like you day pumps air in! X

  2. Yep it’s the only one I own, I swear by it and it lasts ages too! I Just make sure I twist the mascara wand in the tube rather than push and pull in and out with inevitably pumps air in and makes it clumpy! X

  3. I feel like no matter what we won’t be able to find a true holy grail mascara, though I have had some faves! I really love the Falsies waterproof and the L’oreal shocking extensions in waterproof.

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