What I love about Xmas: Lush’s Snow Fairy!



20131219-193652.jpgEvery year LUSH brings out there limited edition range and my favorite is Snow Fairy; I think its their number one bestseller at Xmas, so I guess I’m not the only one.

I got my first sniff of this a few Christmases ago when that familiar smell came wafting from the wrapping paper; a Lush gift set, I can smell it a mile off! Snow Fairy was their poking from the polystyrene foam tubes , that seem to end up all over the floor! tut! So I gave it a whirl and I was hooked, the down side, trying to make it last. This beauty is only available around the festive season 😦 and this year I remembered to pick up a bottle. YEY!

It’s not your typical herbally Lush smelling product, instead LUSH! describe it as… ‘Sweet, fruity pink shower gel loved by people everywhere.’

I think it smells of pear drops mixed with a few Haribo’s and  the best bit, you can smell it allllll day on your skin, LOVE IT!!!

Check it on here!




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