Hair Post #8 Millie Mackintosh

Hey Loves,

I’ve been ever so busy recently but I’ve still managed to squeeze a few hair dooos in!

I love dutch braids and they’ve been emulated on the runway, but more so on my fave MIC star, Millie Mac and famously the beautiful Olsen twins.

Millie’s is neat and sophisticated and the Olsens is obviously messy- boho; I prefer somewhere in between.

Sooooo…What to Do?

1. Make a center parting and split you hair into two as if you were doing pigtails.

2. Plait one side and then the other then cross the plaits over the top of your head pinning into place.

3. Spruce and tease the plaits to create texture.

4. Have play with pulling bits of hair out until you are happy with your look.

Check the pics below for inspiration!






Millie Mackintosh Bridal Hair

olsen braid


Ladies leave me a comment!

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