Hair Post #5 Round 2

Hey ladies!

So I got through to the practical round for BBC3 Hair! YEY!

This is the last round before they choose the final 8 for the programme. They have set 2 challenges, first; an updo which has to include braids/plaits and the second; a basic cutting task, eeeek! CRY!

They literally told me on Wednesday so I’ve been trying to fit practising is around work. So not very much 😦

I thought I’d share my ‘updo’ styles, I’m unsure which one I’ll recreate, as they haven’t given a time frame yet. But views would me much appreciated, please thank you!

As for the cutting task, my mum used to be a hairdresser and squeezed a little crash course in, let’s just say, it’s more than just snippy snip! Hats off to all the hairdressers out there!

And, a big Thanks to my lovely friend, Antonia, who in between nappy changing let me play with her hair!










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