BBC 3 HAIR: My Audition!

Hey Ladies,

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week… I’m here to explain…

So last Sunday I was reading Company magazine and came across an advert from BBC3. They were recruiting hair enthusiast that were not qualified hairdressers; intrigued, I read through the application and decided to apply.

The next thing I know, I’m on the phone to a lovely lady, who asked me all sorts of questions, from, what’s you signature style? To how did you get into hair and what is a Mason Pearson? (Actually knew that one! Is a brush, yey!).

Our conversation ended after about 30 mins; like an interview, they said they would let me know how I got on by the end of the day. For some reason, I felt a little nervous; hair is my hobby and I was getting judged on my past time that I share with fellow bloggers, friends and family….

It got to late afternoon and my phone rang… Would I like to come and audition for a ‘bake off’ style hair programme?


So I trotted down from little ol’ Yorkshire, luckily I wasn’t working….
My bestie lives in London had managed to get the day off too and off we went to BBC Studios. Flustered and delirious, I’d had to prepare 3 hair styles and take pictures I between night shifts! Stress!!

Once in, everyone was super amazing and really nice, they explained that I’d done well to get this far, only 50 were chosen from 500. The audition was 15 mins and if they liked you, you got sent to do some filming. Surprisingly, I got chosen for the filming round! Where again they asked lots of hair related questions, whilst on camera.

By no means am I a hairdresser/pro, so I answered honestly throughout, I’m your everyday girl that loves hair; it has to be wearable, accessible and un-intimidating.

So these are the photos I took in… Let me know your thoughts…I get to know on Monday if I’m through to the next round, which I believe is a ‘hands on’ challenge! eeeek!

20131005-121403 pm.jpg

20131005-121417 pm.jpg

20131005-121430 pm.jpg

20131005-121457 pm.jpg

20131005-121513 pm.jpg

20131005-121536 pm.jpg

20131005-121557 pm.jpg

20131005-121607 pm.jpg

20131005-121628 pm.jpg


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