Hair Post #3






Had a little play with my my hair, for a change. I decided to incorporate the S-wave plait into this pretty side chignon.

To learn how to create a s-wave plait check this video out…

1. I split my hair into 3 sections, 2 at the front, one at the back.

2. Start S-wave at one of front section and carry this around and pin to hold plait whilst you…

3. Start at the opposite side and do exactly the same.

4. Then join both front sections and begin to s-wave plait them into one.

5. Wrap them into a bun and bobby pin into place.


4 thoughts on “Hair Post #3

  1. I am so incredibly impressed that you are able to do that do your hair! You looks gorgeous and that hair! Oh how I wish I was that talented.

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