Hair Post #2



Hey Ladies,

Here I am again, playing with peoples hair! This post is a little more spesh because this is my mum in the pic above, bar myself in the right hand corner mind.

But it goes to show that no matter how old you are, your hair can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. The main reason I started this blog was to help others feel inspired and in turn, feel better about themselves. So, my mum has been my hair model for a long time and loves creating new styles. Her hair is super easy to work with, yet I have to make sure that the style  I create suits, no side ponies thank you very much! So here’s how I created Hair #2!

1. Make a side parting using a tail comb, going diagonal from the arch of the brow.

2. Separate the front ‘fringe’ section and your going to do a very relaxed/ marcel wave (see me in the right corner). You achieve by sectioning the hair and curling with a wand, towards the face. See this hair tutorial…

3. Pin the front section of your hair and leave to cool.

4. Now take the rest of the hair and lightly back comb and spray a little hairspray for texture.

5. Using a soft bristled brush smooth the opposite side of the hair (that’s not curl) over the ear, place into a low slung loose ponytail.

6. You can with either use a doughnut or tease the ponytail into a messy chignon-bun.

7. Now, undo your pinned curls and with you soft bristled brush, brush the curls into one wave.

8. To finish, tease around the bun and pin sections that are fly away.

9. Lots of hairspray!

For more pictures, see me in this post.


Ladies leave me a comment!

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