Topshop Crepe Tee Shift Dress

As I stood taking a embarrassing selfie I couldn’t decide if this dress was me. I tried the 10 and usually I would take a couple of sizes; I find Topshop sizes hit and miss; anything form an 8 to a 12! But a busy Saturday =limited choice! A.nnoying!

The dress was true to size, although, I thought it would be a tad longer. I comes fairly fitted along the shoulders and  baggy towards the bottom.  It’s a crepe-stretchy material so I found it relatively comfy…

Yet, I couldn’t help feeling slightly uninspired,especially after my initial lust!

I think being so boiling in the changing rooms influenced my judgement and the fact it was Saturday and PACKED!! (flustered anyone?).

I may go back and re-try-on, give it a chance? I think it’ll deffo be a popular Topshop buy.

It comes in fluro red, green, and yellow…

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