Makeup Storage and Tidy up




Phewwww! Gossshh…I’ve spend all yesterday evening, as sad as it sounds, sorting out my dressing table. I’ve been putting it off for ages resulting in my makeup being all over the place.

Not only have I binned leaky fake tan and stupidly long eyelashes, but I’ve put my ever increasing Glossy Boxes to good use! Woohoo…

Not too much thought has been put into it, but I’ve tried to keep products I use everyday together, then, I’ve put blushes, eyeshadow, powders and foundation in separate glossy boxes.

As much as I’ll try to keep in tidy, you just know it’s going to end up all over again! Booo!

But ye, this is my little ol’ dresser.

Dresser: Ebay
Acrylic Storage: Muji
Glossy Boxes

Lots of Love x


3 thoughts on “Makeup Storage and Tidy up

  1. You have a very lovely dresser set up! My collection is quite organized, but not nearly as pretty looking. I guess thats what get for using my school desk and my vanity for the same purpose! Also do you think you could do a review of that Laura Mercer Body Soufflé I saw on your vanity.

    1. I’m sure mine is going to last 2 mins before the everything is everywhere!! Not sustainable at all!
      Yeah of course, I’ll make sure, i promise, that I’ll review my Laura Mercier Creme, ITS.A.DREAM!! I love it! x x

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