My Mac Lippies!

20130904-105541 PM.jpg

Hey Lovelies,

So I thought I’d pull all my MAC lipsticks out and do an entire blog post on my collection. My collection is probably minute compared to other ladies, I know it can get seriously addictive!

I can’t say they’re all the most amazing lipsticks, but they are some top contenders and I still get that excited feeling when I buy a new one.

I have blondie brown hair and dark brown eyes so my lippies are obviously chosen to what suits me. I’ve swatched and tried on my lippies for you so you get the gist of the colour and what it looks like on. Some are a little tired, bless um, but still look fab!

20130904-105609 PM.jpg

20130904-105616 PM.jpg

20130904-105622 PM.jpg

20130904-105629 PM.jpg

20130904-105642 PM.jpg

20130904-105652 PM.jpg

20130904-105701 PM.jpg

20130904-105802 PM.jpg

20130904-105933 PM.jpg

20130904-110013 PM.jpg

Please forgive my lip shots I’m full of cold. I hope you can get an idea of the colours.

I’m thinking of adding a new lippie to my collection, any advise?

Much love

A x


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