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Hey Lovelies,

I admit it! I love a good nosey! From rifling through friends makeup bags to having a good social network stalk. Yep, I think I can say being nosey/ or shall we say observant, is one of my favourite pastimes!

I can only guess I’m not the only one! Girls love a good old gander, we’re almost scared of missing out or longing to find the next best thing.

Sometimes us girls give other girlies a hard time…sob!
We’ve all had those awkward moments of asking ‘that’ girl where she bought her top from or that ‘I like your lipstick’, pause, awkward silence, okay, so she’s not going to tell me where it’s from?!…Hmmm.

Hurray though! Those times are may now be few and to satisfy our nosey needs there has been a boom in girls online blogs and YouTube channels. In the comfort of your own home you can have a bloody good old gander, minus the awkward moments, with lovely girls who share tips, tutorials, hauls and advice…

Now on Lady Annie I love sharing new finds and tips, but I also like to know what other ladies are sharing too. So here are my Top Five Blogs and Channels…

1. Vivianna Does Makeup

I love this blog and youtube channel, you just know the products reviewed are going to be fab and I really enjoy her monthly fave too. Hence, why I follow her blog and channel religiously AND why shes in my top five. I found this attached to her ‘about’ and some links, so get observing!

Videos from makeup maven, product pusher and lacquer lover, Anna. Serving up your weekly dose of beauty…!/ViviannaMakeup

2. The beautiful Tanya Burr! Formally known as Pixi2woo.

I discovered her channel on YouTube, probably searching for makeup tutorials, and since then I’ve been slightly obsessed! Her makeup tutorial are so brilliant and easy to follow; anyone can follow them. The product suggestions are unpretentious and there is no product blagging, you just feel like your watching one of your mates. So check this lady out! NOW!


This is similar to Vivianna and equally as amazing. This again a gem of a YouTube discovery. Alix updates her channel and blog with product and shopping hauls that make you green with envy and maybe, if your like me end up wanting to go shopping! Sometimes theres an odd tutorial pops too. I love this blog and will continue to be an avid subscriber!

And this it what she says and some links….

I’m Alix, writer of and self professed makeup and cosmetics obsessive. My blog and YouTube alike are an outlet for all things beauty and fashion related with a little bit of my everyday life thrown in for good measure!

4. Beauty Mouth by Caroline Hiron

The ultimate skin care guru! Once you’ve read this blog you’ll be a changed women. Caroline’s blog is extremely honest, witty and forthright. It makes you take a good hard luck at your current skin care routine and ultimately question what the hell your actually putting on you face. Some of the products she describes can be a little over budget, but you only have one face remember. Skin like a leather handbag anyone? Didn’t think so… So get reading!

There’s also a little video I found on Body Talk describing a skin care routine.

5. The Persian Babe

This girl brings you OOTD, fashion, beauty and shopping hauls mixed into one! I’ve been following this channel on YouTube for a while and I love it. Shes super easy to watch, as you can find that some vids are very awkward and unnatural, so a deffo thumbs up for the like-ability ‘mate factor’. So gladly in my top five! See what you think lovelies…

Also check out the blogs I follow on here, there are some immensely talented folk out there. Let me know what your faves are too?

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Over out ladies….


7 thoughts on “Top Five Blogs and Channels

  1. I’m a huge fan of Tanya Burr! She creates such beautiful makeup looks and is amazing at making her tutorials easy to follow. I haven’t heard of the other people you mentioned but I’m excited to check them out. x

  2. I really like Tanya Burr in her main channel videos, but she can come off as rather naive in her vlogs. I always wonder if she is acting or that’s really just how she is.

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