Lots of Romany Things

Hellooo Rome!

What an amazing place! After an overnight ferry, a four hour train and eeeek! a McDonalds!!! NOOO! We arrived at what once was know as the capital of the world.

We did some serious mileage exploring Rome, everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to see, you find yourself asking oooo I wonder what that is and usually its some form of church.

Because we were limited, as we only had one and a half days in Rome , we had to decide what we wanted to see and find out exactly where it was. We managed to see the major sites such as The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and The Vatican. I definitely would recommend at least 3 days to properly see everything.

My top tip for a city break would be take your trainers, I saw loads in the Nike Free Runners, I took my converse, comfy, yes, but I think trainers would have been better. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT wear sandals or flip flops, jeeeebers, your feet will actually die. Also, take some plasters too.

Another top tip, take a bum bag, I know, how very 90’s tourist, but it was a life saver. There are a lot of pick pocket-ers out there, especially in the cities, trust me I’ve have witnessed it. And! The trusty bum bag is super accessible so if your snap happy like me you can grab your camera easily. My bum bag is from H&M but I’ve seen loads in vintage stores such as, POP Boutique and Topshop concessions.

And finally, your walking all day, in the heat, take a hat or like me barter a parasol for five euros, its worth it.

I managed to have a sneaky peek around Sephora, but due to time limitations it was just a very small sneaky peak. But if your anything like me its makeup-beauty heaven. It’s not any cheaper than in the UK but there are collections that you can’t get on the UK high street so its well worth a gander.

Pleeeease visit Rome ladies, you will come away so inspired, but remember, trainers, plasters, bum bag and hate, you’ll thank me for it!














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