You’re Beautiful Croatia

Hey Guys,

So as you know I’ve been interrailing around Europe these past two weeks with my boyfriend.

Our first stop was Zadar, Croatia, initially skeptical as when we were researching Croatia, Dubrovnik and Split were more popular destinations but OMG Zadar is sooo beautiful and well worth visiting. Here you can wonder around quiet marble streets with little ice cream shops and boutiques or stroll along the coast line promenade.

It’s not too busy too busy nor quiet that it lacks atmosphere, I want to say its near perfect except it did not have any sand beaches BUUUT it did have little, almost secret pebble beaches with crystal clear water!


We spent most evenings watching the sunset with a cold beer, Croatian beer is okay girls, I managed it and I’m not a beer drinker, my boyfriend said it was super cheap too for all you ‘guys’ out there.


We did a little nightlife research dropped on a stunning bar called The Garden, owned by UB40. It reminded me of something you would find in Ibiza that hadn’t been spoiled by mass tourism. It had double beds you could chill on and white drapes with candle lit corners! They have an amazing, very reasonable priced cocktail menu too. I found out they also host a festival The Garden Festival, which we’d missed, on one of the small islands off the coast. We also stumbled upon another outdoor garden club that pumped out Balearic beats until dawn, this was just off the central square.

Cocktail Menu at The Garden
Cocktail Menu at The Garden

Zadar is stunning! If your looking for unspoiled Ibiza this is the place, I can see this becoming a place to be over the next few years. It ticks sooo many boxes. I also have never ever seen as many people that look like models, men and women, BEAUTIFUL!

One of the afternoons a wedding march randomly passed through the marbled street whilst we’d stopped for a coffee, the whoooole party were ridiculously stunning, I managed to catch a sneaky, stalker photo 😉


For this part of my travels I stuck to cami tops, levi denim shorts and natural makeup, it’s not really a place where you see many people in beach attire or looking particularly scruffy. It’s has a very relaxed vibe, lots in bretton tee, capri pants, ballet pumps or Zara/Mango-esk looks. I did not spot any beauty or fashion find here, maybe its because they are ALLL stunning! daaaym!

Any whooo here are some more Croatian snaps…


Anastasia Cathedrel
Anastasia Cathedrel



We spent three days in Zadar then travelled to Split on the fourth day to catch the overnight ferry to Ancona, Italy. Where my first Croatian experience ends and my italian adventure begins…DSCF2177DSCF2178

Zbogom (Goodbye!)

Annie x x x x


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