The Search for the Great Sparkle Eye Shadow

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow Taupe


Mac Pressed Pigment Day Gleam



Mac Glitter Reflects Antique Gold
Illamaqua Pure Pigmant Furore

I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to eye shadow, so colour and sparkle tends to be on the down low. I’d seen a subtle glitter on a Bobbi Brown artist, it was like a discrete disco ball. Unfortunately, at the time the sparking was limited edition, since, I’ve searched and swatched high and low until my hand looked like Micheal Jacksons glove! Too sparkly, too shimmer, too pigmented…

My friend offered her Mac Glitter pot in Antique Gold and Illamasqua Furore to test, both beautiful products, but not exactly what I wanted. Antique gold was far too glittery, I felt like I was back at school testing the ol’ glitter gels, eeek!  Furore, again, beautiful and can be used wet or dry, but I found this was more of a shimmery shadow than the subtle, disco sparkle I craved.

Sooo I ended up at the Mac counter and impulse purchased Pressed Pigment in Day Gleam. It’s described as a creamy highlighter and can be used wet or dry. I haven’t used it properly yet but I love the colour and its sparkle. It’s not very pigmented, yet not too GLITTER central.  I’m hopeful that it doesn’t end up all down my face as t feels slightly gritty, but I’m looking forward to experimenting, yet, I wasn’t completely satisfied, until…

The limited edition came into my grasp!!  Bobbi Brown- Sparkle Eye Shadow- Taupe– YEY!!

Finally, after testing what seemed to be a million friggin’ formulas I found the exact sparkle.i just needed patience! It’s described as..

‘Bobbi’s fresh take on glitter lights up eyes with a combination of shimmering pearls and fine glitter. Now in four limited edition shades that are perfect for both day and night.’


It’s soooo lovely and I can’t waaait to wear it. Mission.Complete. Minus lots of pennies.






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