Plait Loving

Ponytail Messy Plait


Upside-down french plait


Messy upside down plait




I looove plaits, they look fab and their not too hard to achieve…

My lovely friend Victoria does have beautifullll  hair, which helps.

The first one ‘messy ponytail plait’ is a take on the  holiday hair up post,  I put the hair on 3 ponytails and plaited the hair, bobby pinned into place and teased the hair out to make it look messy….

The second is a ‘neat’ upside down french plait, which you could leave as it is, but I prefer the messier version, its less dressage/equestrian. Soooo I messed this plait up again by teasing it between my fingers.

Give it a try?!

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