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Like many girls I end up with a truck load of make up on holiday and probably end up using a quarter of it!
Every year I do it! Duuh! I do try… 😉


Base: Armani Luminous Silk… I’ve been using this for over a year and its the best foundation I’ve ever, ever used. Your skin looks healthy and flawless, but brings a ‘lumionous’ glow and photos really well too.

I used this until I caught the sun, then Dr Jarts Premium BB makeup. I got this in a Glossy Box and use this for work normally.
It looks a bit greyish when you first put it on, but don’t be put off, it adapts to your skin colour giving you a pick me up and natural coverage! Great for through the day too as it had SPF 40!

Bronzer: NARS NARS NARS! Now I’ve had the liquid laguna bronzer for a while and add this to my base to darken, but I bought Nars Laguna compact as ASOS were doing 30% off… And not totally into the hype, yet, but I did used it a lot on holiday and its quite matte, which I liked.

Eyes: I’m all over Benefits They’re Real Mascara, it’s my favourite along with YSL luxurious mascara. My eyelashes are quite long so I like to use my Shu Uemura curlers, which are the best!!! I use them every day anyway so I NEEEEEDED them in my suitcase! Then I used my Naked 2 palette, the colours are shimmery and looked great on holiday.

Blush: Slightly obsessed with cream blushes at the min! I must have 4 on rotation, but I used Maxfactor creamy blush and Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Melon. Again, this gives you a natural, pick me up look. I like that they are quite sheen-y but don’t slide off your face, even on your jollies…

Lips: Mac Hug Me!! That’s all I’m saying!

You can get away with minimal, natural makeup on holiday so I tended not to go with a heavy brow or strong lip. If your Ibiza-ring great! But on a relaxing holiday I think your tan and freckles do all the work! Plus in the heat, heavy makeup makes me slightly claustrophobic…

Although I’m a sinner for a hefty makeup bag, deffo having a word with myself next time!!

Love Annie xx

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  1. Perfect timing for this post! I go on holiday soon and am rubbish at packing make up. I usually pack very basic stuff then complain the whole holiday! You’re fast becoming one of my favourite bloggers! You should deff do more tutorials and reviews on make up. Great for clueless girls like me! X

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