Holiday Hair Up!




So you’ve packed your straighteners, tongs and hair dryers? Then you get there and end up tying your hair up all holiday, yep, that’s me. Although I’m very partial to the ol’ holiday topknot and pony tail, I sometimes try and mix it up…

First, the messy pony plait…

Split your hair into three, top, middle, bottom and then tie into ponytails. Then begin to plait the top pony, incorporating all three into one plait. Then, begin to prise the plait, creating texture by rubbing the hair between your fingers. Finally when your happy, bobby pin into place…

Heidi Hi? Yep that’s me, sooo this was pretty easy too…

You split my hair into two pig tails then plait. Then you cross over both plaits to form a crown and bobby pin into place. To make it less Heidi hi and more Nicole Richie, you can either use a sea salt spray or/and again prise the hair out and rub between your fingers…

Have a go!! Also, if you haven’t already, check out my wedding hair post if your feeling a little more adventurous!

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  1. Gorgeous! 🙂 This is so cute, and a great look for summer when you are trying to get the hair out of your face while out in the heat.

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