Mac Cosmetics: Hug Me Lipstick



So I’m there, maybe around 14/15 years old at the Mac counter…

Excitedly waiting, overwhelmed by eyeshadow, lipstick, lip gloss and blusher! A very glamorous assistant introduced me to my first ever and still my favourite Mac lipstick… Hug me.

I wanted something natural and wearable, and the fact that it was around 10 years ago and still remains in my makeup bag says something!

So literally scooping the last bits out with a lip brush I decided that I needed to part with my £14 and buy a new one…

It’s part of the lustre range and matches exactly to my lip colour. It has a pink undertone and looks great when you want a more nude/naked lip look.

I’ve tried other neutral lipsticks at drugstores and I don’t think nothing quiet matches hug me. I bought this with Mac Spice lip pencil, which compliments this lipstick.



5 thoughts on “Mac Cosmetics: Hug Me Lipstick

    1. I was just looking at your fabulous lipstick collection!! So jealous! I need more coral lipsticks in my life lol! Aw it’s really good, I do love the Kate Moss one but it kinda drys my lips out… Xxx

  1. Wow it’s so sheer! So gorgeous!

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