NYX Haul: HD Studio Concealer and Grinding Powder

NYX Haul by lady4nnie featuring nyx

Did a little purchase on NYX online the other day!  They came super fast too, I was well chuffed!

I’d seen NYX cosmetics in TKMaxx but they had the most garish colours that I just thought… errr no thank you!

Any who I’d seen a few YouTube beauty blogs raving about this brand, but it wasn’t until I tried some of their products at my friends Sonya’s that I was a complete convert!!

She had a few bits including renowned ‘The Curve’ eyeliner. I tried this and it was quite difficult to use if your used to using the generic liquid liner like  Rimmel Exaggerate.  I kinda suppose if you got the hang of it you wouldn’t turn back. It has a felt tip style head and a lid you pop over it so it doesn’t dry out.

Next, I used the some of the HD Studio range. Now as you can tell this is where I got excited! The concealer wand I used for under the eye and highlighting/contouring. The results were amazing! It gives an airbrush finish without looking too cakey or over done. If you are looking for a Kardashian contouring concealer, this is it. You don’t need much,  I dotted it across my forehead, under my eyes, along my nose and lightly over the bow on my lips and it stayed put all day. I used my Real Techniques stippling brush to blend.

I have the shade fair, but they have 8 ‘skin colour’ shades and 3 correctors shades in green, lavender and yellow. It comes in at £5!!

After I played about with the concealer, I used the HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Powder, now this face powder it a treat! I don’t tend to use much powder or should I say, I haven’t yet found the best one but was currently using, every so often, Benefits Get Even, Get Pressed , but it sinks into your pores and looks cakey! blueergh! So I gave this a shot, dubiously… It initially looked really yellow but blended lovely. It gave again, a flawless airbrush look without looking too ‘made up’. This came in at £21, so not too bad!


NYX Haul


  • NYX Haul (laurensamateurmakeup.wordpress.com)

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