Suits You!

So I attended a Wedding as you know with my boyfriend last weekend…

The weeks prior we’d dragged ourselves around Leeds City Centre and managed to buy a full suit with tie pin, KG brogues and a vintage wool tie for £150!! I don’t know who was more pleased!

We’d had a look through Tumblr, Pinterest and GQ Magazine for some idea’s and went shopping with enthusiasm to find the high street uninspiring. We’d traipsed around all the well know shops, Zara, Topman, Next, TkMaxx, the list goes on, and found nothing but ill fitted, poor quality suits. I don’t know whether they make suit s for a pencil shaped man and surely the high are moving away from this ‘one shape fits all’ attitude towards menswear?! I did see a few ‘skinny’ fit or ‘slim cut’ or ‘short’ leg labels., but not enough!

Anyway rant over because we did find a little treat at Next Clearance. Amongst the shed load of clothes and NO changing rooms!! We managed to pick up a fabulous pick and mix suit for £75.00.

I think the key elements to finding a quality, well fitted and stylish suit on the high street is to prepare for a rummage. There are decent cut suits out there but generation male is not one shape, therefore plan for a lot of trying on.

Take inspiration from the net, have a browse on Pinterest and Tumblr, I particularly fell in love with Nickelson Wooster’s style, and of course Beckham, he never gets a suit wrong 😉

I’m particularly loving:

Pocket square; but not too matchy matchy to the tie/bow.

Tie pin, we picked one up pretty cheap at Next., and of course a….

Crisp white shirt, a pair of Ray bans and a chunky soled brogue… yes please.






Ladies leave me a comment!

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