Lana Del Ray Inspired Makeup



Hey ladies!

I was at my lovely friend Sonya’s at the weekend. She is a complete beauty junkie, which meant I could have a rummage through a her gorgeous make up!! We decided to connect the iPad to her new TV and watch some makeup tutorials on YouTube. I went for the Lana Del Ray inspired look. I used a mixture of Tanya Burr and Pixiwoo advice and loved the results! I also added a red lip too!

Below I’ve put all the products I’ve used to create the look. The famous Naked 2 palette is super amazing for helping to create this look.

Lana Del Ray Inspired Makeup
Giorgio Armani foundation / Urban Decay eyeshadow / MAC Cosmetics powder blush / Eyebrow makeup, / MAC Cosmetics lip makeup / NYX eyeliner / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics evening makeup


Tanya Burr


Hope you like ladies xxx


3 thoughts on “Lana Del Ray Inspired Makeup

    1. Hey lovely! I know me too, I love her! This look was was soooo easy to do. Its the MAC Russian Red! It’s such a nice colour! Thank yooou so much for checking out my blog 🙂 xxxxx

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