Nails, Nails, Nails…

20130527-083216 PM.jpg

Hey Ladies!

Hope everyone had a fab bank holiday…

I’ve spent my weekend in sunny Manchester and seem to have accumulated some new nail polishes…

20130527-083706 PM.jpg

My nails used to be super strong but they’ve been chipping so low down! So I bought Rimmel Nail Rescue Save Me 14 day nail hardening treatment. I really like this product and its helped my nails to grow, however it’s not cured the flaking. I’ve applied a coat everyday for one week, then removed it and started applying it daily for another seven days. Intense nail rescuing!!!

I caught wind of the new CND Vinylux week long wear nail polish but you can only buy this in beauty salons, so in the mean time I bought the 1 Seconde Shine Booster in 01 Transparent glossy by Bourjoi and the Bourjoi So lague glossy in 03 BCBeige. The clear polish says it has a silicone texture, so I was hoping it lasted longer and looked gel like. I’ve used it once and it didn’t last very long before chipping but I am pretty heavy handed but I’m going to give it a second try! The neutral colour I wanted for a wedding but also wanted to try the whole ‘long wear’ status. I’m in the midst of trying, so we’ll see…

For my birthday my friend bought me the Rimmel 60 seconds 713 little bo peep polish. It’s a beautiful slate grey colour which looks fabulous on.

I also got this mini Nails Inc in Bruton Street in my Glossy Box, which is this cute ‘grown up’ pink colour and finally, my favourite…one because it was a free gift in Instyle Magazine and two because the colours is soooooo beautiful. It’s by Nails Inc and it’s called You’re a peach. True to its name, it’s a pastel peach shade that will look amazing for the summer, I’m really looking forward to wearing it!!

What are your favourite polishes?

Much lady love xx


3 thoughts on “Nails, Nails, Nails…

  1. Hey! I’m loving “grown up” colours at the moment. Usually I’m a bright red or French mani kinda gal but lately I’ve been a bit more adventurous. I’m loving the Maybelline Colour Show (150) Mauve Kiss and (120) Urban Turquoise. I usually paint my fourth finger in the turquoise and the rest of my nails in mauve. I’m loving Coral nails too x

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