Hair Today

Hey Lovely Ladies,

Sooo I’ve always had a secret passion/pleasure for hair styling… I’m no hairdresser, but I jump at the chance of styling friends and families hair for nights out, weddings, proms or just general hair makeovers! People seem to be pretty please with my efforts!

My mates have a variety of hair types, colours and styles, so I love experimenting with short, thick, thin and curly hair…

I also, if I cba, make the effort with my hair too, at the mo it’s pretty long and am rocking the ol’ ombré… But here are a few pics of what I’ve done over the past few weeks…

20130411-121947 PM.jpg

Victoria’s waves using a ceramics wand and brushed out with a soft bristled brush…

20130411-122031 PM.jpg

My messy high bun, plaited then back combed and bobby pinned into place…

20130411-124931 PM.jpg

Victoria’s fishtail plait with slight back combing…

20130413-102544 AM.jpg

My hair using the ceramic wand, looser than Victorias…

Side profile of my brushed out waves…

I hope you liked my efforts… Let me know!

Much love Ladies x

Check out this link, this is how I do my brushed out style <a href="http://“>waves…

No! Sob! I haven’t done any of these ladies hair but hello lovely hair! Hello hair inspoooooooo….

20130413-105200 AM.jpg


Ladies leave me a comment!

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