Yellow Wedding

I hope everybody had a faaaabulous weekend?!

I spent mine helping my matey Victoria find a dress to wear for a June wedding.

There are lots of bright neon pastel shades around at the mo; beautiful shades of green, yellow, lilac and pink! Think candy mmm…

After doing a few laps around Leeds, we liked these yellow dresses…

20130407-102439 PM.jpg

20130407-102506 PM.jpg

And thiiiis…

20130407-102547 PM.jpg

20130407-102650 PM.jpg

Both beautiful, but we decided we liked second best, it being more wedding appropriate…

The first one was £29.99 from Zara and had a subtle leopard print within the fabric, this dress was more a lemony yellow then the second dress… More night out/summer drinks BBQ.

The second dress was from Ted Baker, £130! I know £100 more, but the quality is well worth the spondoolies. The fabric is almost neoprene and has a gold zip detailing at the back!

My friend has lent me an equally stunning bright yellow/lime dress from a shop called Aqua. It’s from last years collection and you can’t buy it anymore, but it’s still very ‘now’ and fits perfect for this yellow dress theme…it’s going to come in handy this summer fo defs!

20130407-103542 PM.jpg

We also looooved this neon lime box bag from Zara, they do it in pink too…. V bright! Super Amaze!

20130407-103754 PM.jpg

Now… To persuade my boyfriend to adopt this look….


And to sort myself a dress out! 😉



3 thoughts on “Yellow Wedding

  1. Brilliant blog Annie. Especially love the homage to Nickelson Wooster.I’ve been trying to get Ché to dress like him for ages but he’s having none of it!

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