Mini Sunday Haul

As it was payday on Friday I bought a few little bits and bobs….

I purchased two tops from TK Maxx, my absolute favourite shop at the mo….
The nude pink one is from The Kooples and on the label it said it was suppose to be £120! The snake print T-shirt is from American Retro, a brand I’ve seen in Harvey Nichols, but never bought anything from. I wouldn’t usually spend so much on casuals but I thought £60 for two designer tees was a pretty gooood. So why not?!

20130325-092319 PM.jpg

I also succumbed at the Shu Uemura counter … I bought a pair of lashes and their ‘cult’ eyelash curlers, which I’m going to do an ‘Eyelash Master Class Blog’…I’ll link once I’ve done it!

20130325-092734 PM.jpg

I was quite impressed with Shu Uemura. They apply your falsies for you and they’ll continue to do so if you take your box and lashes to their counter. I’d go pre night out especially if your all fingers and thumbs, I deffo think its a fabulous service to offer!! They also gave me samples of their cleansing oil which is suppose to be amaze according to the lady at the counter….mmm we’ll have to seee…

20130325-092857 PM.jpg

Boringly…I also bought a lip brush from Boots, because my retractable one broke and some hair bobbles from H&M. Not very exciting, I know, but both are VERY neccessary!!

Much love ladies x

20130325-093051 PM.jpg


Ladies leave me a comment!

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