Setting the Foundations

To break the monotony of my day job, I thought I’d do a quick blog on my foundation.

Soooo… I’m not the biggest foundation wearer, I just don’t seem to like the feel of it on my face ‘claustrophobic’ in a word…

Therefore I’m always on the hunt for the perfect lightweight, yet good coverage foundation.

I did a bit of research and went around all the well known high end beauty counters. I got them to colour match my skin and give me some samples to take away to try over the week, before I invested my English pounds.

I ended up purchaasing Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation in 4.5. Which is AMazzze, it ticks all the boxes for me… Light, luminous, natural and doesn’t feel like a foundation yet has good coverage.

So there I am feeling fabulous, when I stumbled over Rimmel’s Wake me up foundation. I can’t praise it enough. It does exactly what it says on the bottle.. It really does give you that perky natural yet luminous which rivals my Armani.

I’m usually such a foundation snob!!!! And very much under the ‘you pay for what you get’ mindset, but this has really changed my opinion on drugstore bought foundations.

I’ve attached some before and after pics below. I’ve put the Rimmel Foundation on using a real techniques stippling brush and filled in my brows with the HD Brow palette in Bombshell.

Let me know what you think…





My skin is combination so I would definitely check the make up alley link to see how others have found it on their skin type.

Over and out Ladies xx


6 thoughts on “Setting the Foundations

  1. It looks great on you. I have heard so many good things about Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation. It’s such a shame they don’t sell it here in the US. 😦 Oh well. I agree there are definitely some good drug store brand foundations out there, if you are willing to look for them.

      1. Sorry entered mid sentence! I totally agree you can get some fabulous make up, I was always a bit sceptical about foundation! Now I’m a complete convert!! Xxxx

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