Being Twenty-Something

Quarter Life Crisis? Girls Guide needed!

So being 23, employed, flat renter, car owner, cat parent and fully fledged girlfriend…

I thought I’d give regular snippets on ‘Being Twenty-Something’…

Seeking inspiration from life and the infamous ‘F**k me I’m in my Twenties’ by Emma Koeing and all my anxious buddies, it can be a very unnerving part of your life.

So today’s Twenty-Something Snippet is…

‘Being Twenty-Something in the Adult work place’….arrrrggghhh!!!!

It’s a scary, scary place, full of ‘retiring’ people, no I did’nt say old! Before I get the… ‘You think old’s 40, haaa to be 23!’ In a patronising voice, usually.

You feel like you’ve worked super hard to get an amaaaaze job, yet your ‘only’ Twenty-Something and you can’t possibly manage responsibilty? autonomy? your own opinion? or being taken seriously!

Yes ladies its a fight against your age at times, trust me, I know, ignore those patronising glares or ‘You weren’t even born then’ comments. It’s jealousy, your beautiful, your skin is plumped, your vivacious, full of enthusiasm and energy…. plus a breath of fresh air.

Don’t let the obsessions with ‘Not labelling your food properly’ in the communal fridge or the funny jibes of ‘You actually went out at the weekend!!’ or the ‘You paid how much for that bag?’ get you down…

Your young, beautiful and you deserve to have a fabulous job!

For those struggling to get onto the ladder, don’t be a number! You maybe Twenty-Something, be fresh, bright and so what if you like the odd chats about being young and fabulous? Especially if your like me and LOVE sharing your latest purchase or lippie…


Keep reading for more Being Twenty-Something…

See yaar Ladies

This is pretty funny… check her tumblr too…

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