Bag Lady

So the day came where my Alexander Wang Rockie Dumbo Bag arrived… excitedness!!!

I’d been deliberating buying one since the January sales and made a huge mistake  in seeing it but not buying it! The next day, GONE… gutted! So I stalked the net and there it was, full price… *cry*
But through much hard scrolling, until my thumbs were actually numb, I found one on eBay.
The colour is described as Camal, it feels sooo beautiful, I just loved the chunky black zip and studs and its wear-ability. I’ve already worn it out shopping and had a very camp shopping assistant scream ‘Ahhhh I LOVE you Alexander Wang bag’, (why thank you very much!) I don’t think my boyfriend knew what was going on/ no appreciation for my fabulous bag! 🙂 obvs…
eBays a great place to find some serious discount and I’ve personally bought and sold lots on there… anywhooo, I watched the bag for around 2/3 weeks and it wasn’t selling for the asked price, so I thought now is my time to put an offer in and ‘barter’. Initially, it was rejected but I held off replying , and to my delight I had another email accepting my offer! And now I have a designer bag, brand new with all this tags for half the price!! I do think putting in time and effort pays off if you really want a bargain… especially if its expensive anyway.
It did take me a while to save enough money… each month since around Xmas I put some money to one side until I could purchaaaase…





  • Save save save, its worth it for quality!
  • Do your research
  • Shop around
  • Barter
  • Check eBay…

Much Love Ladies

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