St Patricks Day

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Happy St Patrick’s Day Ladies!

So Friday I danced with the Irish dancing Society and we put on a little performance within the University Union, which was super fun, but this also meant I could experiment with my bolder makeup collection, yey!!

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Eye Shadow Palette

I tend to use my Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows Eye Palette a lot! But I don’t get much use from the more ‘garish’ colour’s. I do know the palette sold out pretty quick, and I think it’s discontinued, but you maybe able to buy one on amazon or something. The colour’s are however very similar, if not the same as the individual shadows available or in other palettes under different aliases. Here is a quick rundown of the colour’s with their original names.

Alice – Painkill

Underland – Flasher

Oraculum – Baked

Queen – Last Call

Chessur – Chopper

White Rabbit – Polyester Bride

Wonderland – Maui Wowie

Curiouser – Grifter

Muchness – X

Mushroom – Mushroom

Midnight Tea Party – Midnight Cowboy Rides Again

Vorpal – S&M

Absolem – Homegrown

Drink Me Eat Me – Sin

Mad Hatter – Twice Baked

Jabberwocky – Oil Slick

But……I got a little excited as Urban Decay have released a new eye shadow palette in line with the new Disney’s Oz film. I’ve seen ‘them’ in the flesh and they’re two beauts! The collections called ‘Urban Decay Oz The Great and Powerful Palettes: Glinda and Theodora’. Good Witch/Glinda with beautiful nudes/light colour’s and Wicked Witch/Theodora with dark/deep colour’s. They are deeeelightful…The palettes available to buy in Debenhams here. They cost £35 each,there pretty expensive, but well worth it if there anything like the book of shadows. I’ve put a link above so check it out and see what you think, I’m yet to purchase, or even decide which out of the two I prefer.

I’ve also put a piccie up of my eye shadow from Friday, its not the best quality and doesn’t do the colour’s justice but it looked amaaaaze!

I used Muchness and Oraculum over the whole lid area and blended really well. On the inner corner I placed Absolum with a little more or Oraculum. Then, I used Rimmel Black Liquid Eyeliner and lashings of Benefit They’re Real Mascara to finish the look. I stuck to a nude lip, which you can’t see in my pics, but I wore, Rimmel London Kate Moss collection no. 14.

I’ve placed some links below to Makeup Alley, *Adore*. This gives you a general review some of the individual products I’ve mentioned…

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Much Love Ladies…



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