My first ever post…


Soooo this is my first attempt to start a ‘blog’… I think I kind of had a PING! light bulb moment whilst speaking to my boyfriend, in Nando’s, of all places. So here I am…

I’m an everyday northern girl, with a pretty normal life. I love sharing things with friends and family, whether it be a new purchase, bargain, amaaaazing nail polish or just a cool book I may have stumbled upon. Theres nothing better than to help people feel better about themselves, I suppose that’s why I’m a nurse! But you can’t exactly be sharing your new make up or hair tips, or purchase from TK Maxx… Obsession!

So enough about why and who or whaaaat… a lady has sleep and think of some spiffing blog posts, maybe my new bag purchase 😉

See yaaaaar ladies…


Ladies leave me a comment!

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