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I’m slightly obsessed with Cara Delevigne, like everyone at the min, but, her eyebrows are a separate obsession… they even have their own twitter page. But my little old eyebrows will never be of that stature, a girl can only try… Step away from the brow liner Annie!!!!

So yesterday I had my eye brows done, HD’d to be preeeecise, this is probably my 6th appointment and I LOVE them, it really has changed my face, as random as that sounds! Even after the first time I went…

The piccie above, obviously not Cara, are my eyebrows before, so slightly off shape, but below are just after I’ve had them done. My skin looks slightly pink and I have no make up on but you see the difference. I would deffo recommend finding your nearest salon as I think your eyebrows can make a huge difference to how you look. Even if your a lady that has overplucked, because we all have… they have all these sparkling, singing and dancing products that help the hair regrow. You do need to invest in this and it may take up to 6 months to get the perfect shape, especially if there thin and sparse but its all worth it. Your make up just looks ten times better.

I don’t use many of there specialty products, but I’m in love with there HD Eye and Brow Palette in Bombshell and I use it everyday. It’s around £30 I think, a little pricey but I did get a full size one in my Glossy Box. Dayyym…

There’s a link below to there site and there are videos and a little on what they actually do during your appointment. I pay £25 but I’ve seen it for as cheap as £15. I think it just depends where you go. I know it sounds steep, but once you’ve got your perfect shape you can keep up with the shaping yourself, well that’s what I do…

Until next time… put the tweezers away, grow your brows, and HD!

See ya Ladies…

20130317-085014 PM.jpg

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